MCIS - 10 Activities to Keep You Busy While Quarantining
10 Activities to Keep You Busy While Quarantining
10 Activities to Keep You Busy While Quarantining

As the whole world goes under quarantine to fight this pandemic, there’s another issues that is to be addressed: boredom! It’s easy to get bored when you’re in quarantine and don’t know how to utilize all the extra time you have. You may have cribbed about how you needed a break, but now you realize how addicted you are to a fast-paced life. With so much spare time at your disposal, we bring you some tips to rock the quarantine like a pro:

1. Crack Puzzles: An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. So, keep yourself occupied with games that sharpen your mind. Make your mind work harder by solving Rubik's cube, crosswords, sudoku and other kinds of puzzles. You can also indulge in trivia and riddles easily available online. This will help you get through the quarantine while increasing your acumen and problem-solving ability.

2. Start a blog: Put your life experiences into words. Start writing a blog and reflect on your life, it is also a great platform to express your emotions. Are you a traveler? Make a travel journal. Foodie? Write a piece about the best food you’ve had! Love music? Write a blog about your favorite artists, styles and genre. You can keep it as a personal journal or share it with the world.

3. Learn to play an instrument: Always wanted to learn guitar? Or wanted to be a drummer? Is the keyboard in your garage catching dust? Pick up the instruments and start practicing. Learn a new tune online or retouch your skills from your old notes. Who knows, you may even be able to put up a show for your family by the end of quarantine!

4. Master the art of cooking: What’s the one thing that everyone in quarantine has to do? Cook! Now that it’s risky to go out to pick up food or go out for a meal, it would be a great idea to master the art of cooking. Well you would be pampering yourself and your family! Cooking is one skill that will never fail you in life. Trust us, you will savor this art for the rest of your life.

5. Learn a new language: Speaking multiple languages is fascinating! Why not use this free time learning a new language? Pick a language of your choice and start from the basic. You will find hundreds of video and apps online that will help you. By the time quarantine is over, you’d probably be able to sway others with conversations in French or Spanish!

6. Complete a pending project: Have you been meaning to redecorate your room but never found the time to? Have you been planning on starting to paint but life got in the way? Well, here’s all the time you needed! Get, set and finish off those pending tasks or pursue the hobby you’ve loved; and make your quarantine a happy one.

7. Meditate: A great mind once said, ‘To conquer oneself is a greater victory than to conquer thousands in a battle’. It’s as true as it gets. We are all witnessing a pandemic and it can be overwhelming for a lot of us. But one cannot overcome these feelings until they learn to keep their emotions and thoughts in check. Meditation is the key to a happy life and a sound mind. Putting a habit of meditating will only elevate you to a higher level of being, during and after the quarantine.

8. Read: Reading is another habit that will never fail you. There are billions of books, novels, comics, stories and many other forms of literature around the world. Pick something that interests you and start reading. Enlighten yourself with knowledge or add stories to your life that you’ve never been a part of. Once the quarantine is over, you would have acquired a habit that will never run out of its source; and an imagination that knows no bounds.

9. Get fit, get healthy: It's common that our body adapts to our lifestyle and so we have to maintain the cycle of our body clock to keep going. But with our lifestyle changing so drastically under quarantine, we should develop better habits. Getting up early, starting the day right with mindset, exercising, maintaining good eating habits are just some of the ways you can bring this change. Understand what you need to do and give yourself the time you need to improve yourself while you have free time at hand.

10. Spend time with your loved ones: The most important one. If you’re living with your family, spend more time with them. You don’t know when would be the next time you all are free at the same time. Living with roomies? Get to know them better. Learn about their families, hobbies and more. Living alone? Pick up your phone and video call your sibling and know what’s happening in their lives or learn a recipe from your parents. Be there for them in these tough times. Knowing that you all are in this together will make quarantining easy and fun.

Being productive during this time is important, but this is quarantine, not a productivity challenge! Don’t beat yourself up for not being productive every day. It is totally okay for you to spend time relaxing and not doing anything!

We will soon overcome this pandemic and come out of quarantine. Just be patient and keep yourself motivated. Meanwhile, you can keep yourself busy and indulge in these activities to keep your spirits high. You should also encourage others to keep themselves occupied by keeping themselves engaged. In the end, we’re all in this together and we can only fight these dire times if we stick to social distancing.

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