10 Most Common Mistakes Visitors Make
10 Most Common Mistakes Visitors Make
10 Most Common Mistakes Visitors Make

Travel planning takes time and focus. For any trip to be enjoyable and free from any unexpected stress, planning goes a long way. Right from the right airline ticket booking to comfortable hotel accommodations to perfect sight seeing, each of this task if done properly, makes the trip easy and smooth. This article describes some of the most common travel mistakes people make. Being aware of them is useful so that they can be avoided. Review them and travel right:

1. Not checking the passport details: Many travelers overlook their passport expiry dates while booking their tickets. When they arrive at the airport, they are turned down since their passport is expiring before certain time period. For most of the international travel, a person’s passport has to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel. Passport regulations and requirements must be checked before making any travel bookings.

2. Packing disaster: The weather at the destination says cold, and you pack summer clothes! Or you pack too much or too light. Travelers often make mistakes while packing. This is the most common mistake, and has happened to most of us, at least once. To avoid stress and spending money into buying necessary accessories, before you start packing, make a list of everything, basically, the ‘needs’ and the ‘wants’. Travelers should not forget to check the baggage limit for the airline they will be traveling with, and so must pack accordingly. It’s always good to pack light and travel light.

3. Forgetting relevant power adapters: People may take their technological peripherals but often forget the right kind of chargers they would be needing at the destination country. Every country has a different electrical wall outlet. Before leaving, a traveler should check what type of adapter you might be needing, depending on the destination country. Most likely, they would need an adapter plug. These adapter plugs allow your device to fit into the foreign outlet.  Inform your bank: To reduce the risk of identity theft, always inform your bank and relevant financial institutions of your departure from the country. It will be useful to notify them them about your duration of travel.

4. Not informing credit card companies: Many travelers have often got their accounts freezed when they have not informed their credit card companies before their international travel. Credit card companies do this for their customer’s protection. Informing them about their upcoming international travel, credit card companies will not freeze their account when they see an unusual (foreign) transaction. Before traveling abroad, make sure you confirm with your credit card companies that you will be able to use your credit card there. Gather all the needed information, foreign transactions costs, conversion rates etc., in order to save yourself from unexpected charges on your credit card. Also, know in advance how much would you have to pay if you withdraw money internationally.

5. Keeping no cash in local currency: People often forget to carry cash (because they think credit card is all they need) when they travel abroad. But, cash comes very handy while paying tips at restaurants or hotel service or buying a quick coffee or paying for transportation. Make sure, you have converted currency in your pocket before you reach the destination.

6. Not checking the mobile phone plans: To avoid data roaming charges, it is important to understand your mobile phone plan, and accordingly make the arrangements. Either you can buy a plan that would give you coverage and data internationally or buy a local SIM card. Wherever possible, use wi-fi to avoid data charges.

7. Tight connections: People often just focus on booking flights that take least time and cost the lowest. Amidst these two factors, they often ignore the time between the two connecting flights. Flights may be delayed due to unpredictable weather conditions and certain other factors over which travelers would have no control. In such a case, if one flight is delayed, there is a high chance their next flight would be missed. Remember, to book flights with reasonable connection time in between.

8. Not purchasing visitor insurance: Travelers spend hundreds of dollars in flight tickets and hotel accommodations or sightseeing tickets. Now, they want to save some money, and hence avoid purchasing visitor insurance. Visitor insurance is like a short-term health insurance that offers coverage for new injury or sickness or accident that may happen during travel. It is not necessary to buy but very much recommended. It offers a lot of benefits like outpatient & inpatient treatment, ambulance service when needed, emergency medical evacuation, return of mortal remains, accidental death and dismemberment benefit and return of a minor child. While planning the trip, a traveler may seem healthy but medical emergencies do happen, and can happen to anyone of us. Therefore, purchasing visitor insurance at least 5 days before the date of travel, is very much recommended by MultiChoice Insurance Services, which are one of the largest insurance agent in USA.

9. Not checking visa requirements: Different countries have different visa requirements. Based on the nationality of the traveler, they may enter a country with on-arrival visa or require visa in prior. There are many visitors who did not check the visa requirements and have been turned down from the airport because they do not have the visa. Nothing could be disastrous than this, a visitor standing with his luggage and hopes of traveling, can’t fly. Visa requirements can be checked online or calling embassies or trusted travel agents.

10. Not checking what’s happening at the destination: Travelers normally just check for the weather at the destination country. They do not usually check for the political and economic conditions of the country. Sometimes, it becomes of prime importance for one’s safety. Also, people just visit a country or locations without being prepared for any situation of political and economic unrest. It is always useful to know where your country’s embassy is located at the destination country/location.

These travel mistakes listed above are very common and at the same time, avoidable with focus and planning. So, whenever you are deciding to go on a trip, keep in mind the possible mistakes or errors that can happen, and try to avoid them for a perfect trip.

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