7 Useful Tips for Timely Processing of Visitors Insurance Claims
7 Useful Tips for Timely Processing of Visitors Insurance Claims
7 Useful Tips for Timely Processing of Insurance Claims

Submission of claims should be simple and easy because the purpose of visitor insurance is to help visitors. Visitor insurance serves to provide financial sanity to a visitor in case of an unexpected health situation in a foreign country. Its benefits ranges from outpatient & inpatient medical services to provision of prescription drugs, radiological tests and even surprising benefits like emergency evacuation, return of a minor child(ren) etc. Talking about the medical services availed by a visitor during his trip, any visitor insurance pays according to it’s master policy. For these services, a visitor is supposed to file claims to the insurance company. Claim submission is an important process that helps a visitor to get proper reimbursement for his expenses.

Claim Submission and Visitors

Often visitors have questions when they set out for filing claims. They are confused regarding which forms should be filled, how to give required information and how to present necessary details. Once they have submitted their claims, they are worried about their outcome. MCIS, an experienced insurance agent urges its clients and all visitors that Claim submission need not be a matter of anxiety. With enough attention and adequate preparation, claim submission process becomes easy and the timely processing of claims can be guaranteed.

Tips for Timely Processing of Insurance Claims

Visitors while filling forms for claims should take into account all necessary guidelines and rules. They should keep peace of mind and go ahead with the process. Refer to the following tips before and during claim filing:

  1. Understand: What forms are to be filled and where to find them. Ask your agent or alternatively, find claim forms for different insurance plans on MCIS’s website.
  2. Read: After obtaining the claim forms, read them thoroughly. Know what information is to be given and provide it to best of your knowledge.
  3. Pay Attention:  Pay strict attention to date formats. Often there is a difference in the date-writing format for different countries. For example, India follows DD/MM/YYYY whereas USA follows MM/DD/YYYY. Also be careful not to make spelling mistakes. Fill your name exactly as given in your passport or any national identification document. Errors like this delays the claim handling process.
  4. Attach required documents: Along with claim forms, visitors are required to submit copies of itemized bills for every medical service and medication they received.  If more documents like visitor’s passport copy or visa pages are required, the claim examiner will send a message.
  5. Submit within time: Along with necessary documentation and duly filled claim forms, of equal importance is when to submit these forms. If it’s submitted late, claims may be not be entertained and outrightly rejected. Depending on the insurance company, these can be submitted within maximum 60 or 90 days from the date of service. A visitor should contact his agent for the right number of allowable days.
  6. Send it electronically: Claims can be sent to the insurance company via email, regular mail or can be faxed. Sending them electronically ensures that visitors have a record. MCIS hence recommends this mode of communication/sending claim forms and other claim-related information.
  7. Keep a record: Visitors are encouraged to keep copies of every document sent to the insurance company for claims. Such as claim forms, receipts, itemized bills etc., copy them and save them at easily accessible place.

Keeping these factors in mind while claim submission, a visitor can go through claims process in a hassle free manner. There won’t be any need of anxiety and fear. In case of any questions regarding your claims or any part of claim submission/handling process, do not forget to reach us at contact@multichoiceinsurance.com or call us at +1-855-444-6247 and +1-510-353-1180.

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