A Useful Guide to Traveling with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
A Useful Guide to Traveling with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
A Useful Guide to Traveling with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions-Image

Pre-existing medical conditions are health conditions that existed before the visitor’s insurance plan comes into effect. Diabetes, high BP, Arthritis, chronic back pain, Asthma, heart ailments etc. are some of the pre-existing conditions. Acute onset of pre-existing conditions refers to their sudden recurrence during the trip. Formally, an acute onset of pre-existing condition is a sudden and unexpected outbreak or recurrence of a pre-existing condition which occurs spontaneously and without advance warning either in the form of physician recommendations or symptoms.

Important facts about Pre-Existing Conditions

  • Pre existing conditions do not happen overnight (while the visitor is traveling).
  • Sudden recurrence of any pre-existing condition will not be considered acute if during the last 30 days there was a change in prescription or treatment for a diagnosis related to the acute onset.
  • Only a handful of visitor insurance plans cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions.
  • Visitor’s medical history, physician’s opinion and lab results & other diagnostic results would indicate if a medical emergency occurred because of the acute onset of a visitor’s pre-existing condition.

Acute onset of Pre-Existing Condition coverage

Few visitor insurance plans may cover the following for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions:

  • emergency treatment
  • emergency transportation
  • medications
  • emergency medical evacuation

These benefits are provided when a medical emergency arises due to acute onset of pre-existing conditions. This benefit covers one acute episode per pre-existing condition. The coverage is available for eligible medical expenses until the condition is stable.It should be noted that acute onset of pre-existing condition does not provide coverage for full treatment.

Useful tips for travelers with Pre-Existing Conditions

Prevention is always better than cure. Health problems that exist before the effective date of visitor insurance plan may recur before any warning signal. They can not be eliminated but definitely prevented or managed if the visitor takes care of certain things:

1. Before the travel starts, it is recommended to get a complete medical checkup done. This will indicate his recent health status and help his doctor chart out a health plan while he is traveling.

2. Visitor must ask his doctor for the prescription for the needed medicines and these should be bought in sufficient amount in the home country itself. The medicines should be enough to cover the visitor more than his planned date of departure (in case his trip is extended).

3. Medical equipments like diabetes test kit, blood pressure measuring kit etc. should be carried so that the visitor do not have to search for them in the destination country.

4. The visitor must take utmost care of his health when traveling. Due attention must be given to the food intake, food quality, sufficient exercise, daily walks etc.

5. It is useful to know the weather conditions in the destination country so that you can pack your suitcase accordingly.

6. MCIS recommends purchase of a visitor insurance plan that covers acute onset of pre-existing condition at least 5 days before the date of travel. This would help cover the high associated medical costs in case of a medical emergency.

7. Insurance ID card must always be carried with you wherever you travel. Your relative’s or family member’s address and contact details must be written on a paper and should be carried all the time. These come very handy in case of an unforeseen emergency.

To understand and discuss in details the options available for visitor insurance plans with acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage, contact MCIS today. We will be glad to help you organize and manage your travel with your specific visitor insurance needs.

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November 25, 2015 at 12:55 AM

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