Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage in Visitor Insurance
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage in Visitor Insurance
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage in Visitor Insurance

What if a visitor meets an accident during travel and it results in death or severe injuries to eyes or limbs? Visitor insurance provides coverage for death and permanent loss of sight and limbs. Visitor’s death and accidental dismemberment is covered by AD&D coverage within visitor insurance. Accidental Dismemberment means a sudden, unintentional and unexpected occurrence caused solely by external, visible means and resulting in complete severance from the body of one or more Limbs or eyes and not contributed to by Illness or disease. For purposes of the Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit provided by visitor insurance, the term “Limb” shall mean: the arm when the severance is at or above (toward the elbow) the wrist, or the leg when the severance is at or above (toward the knee) the ankle. Loss of eye(s) shall mean complete, permanent, irrevocable loss of sight.

What does AD&D covers?

AD&D coverage within visitor insurance provides benefit in case of:

  • Visitor’s death due to an accident (and not by natural causes i.e. visitor’s physical condition or when the injury happens because of some extreme sports etc. )
  • permanent eye sight loss in one or both eyes
  • permanent limb loss (one or both of hands or feet)

AD&D does not cover death or dismemberment of the insured in his or her home country.

In case of Death

If the visitor gets fatally injured and the death occurs in some timeframe (depends on the policy terms,), AD&D coverage comes into effect. For example, some policies provides the benefit only if death occurs within 90 days or 181 days of the accident. Also, if the accident happens because of the physical condition of the body, for example, a visitor suffers heart attack or stroke and meets an accident, it won’t be considered an accidental event. The insurance provides benefit of $50,000 for insured or insured’s spouse and $5,000 for dependent children of the visitor. The benefit is paid to the insured or his beneficiary.

In case of Dismemberment

Visitor Insurance covers partial dismemberment or complete dismemberment (loss of both limbs and permanent loss of eyesight) differently. Depending on the loss of one or both feet, loss of one or both hands or loss of eyesight in one eye or both eyes, the insured is covered by visitor insurance plans.

Some of the plans offer option to increase AD&D coverage. We at MCIS know that AD&D coverage is something visitors do not want to talk about but it provides financial relief to your loved ones in case something tragic like death or dismemberment happens. You can contact us to understand how AD&D works and we can guide you to the right visitor insurance plan.

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March 10, 2016 at 08:00 PM

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