Basics of Visitor Health Insurance
Visitors Health Insurance: The Basics
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Visitor Health Insurance covers expenses for medical conditions of a visitor traveling outside his home country. These conditions should occur after the purchase of a visitor health insurance plan. Visits to the doctor, hospital charges, X-rays, medical labs, ambulance services, prescribed medication and surgical procedures are usually covered. Your requirements from a plan should be discussed with a trusted and authorized visitor insurance service provider like MultiChoice Insurance Services (MCIS).

What you should know before buying Visitors Medical Insurance?

Purchase of a visitor insurance is recommended since the medical costs in countries like USA, Canada, England etc. are very high and having an insurance plan helps maintain financial sanity. Some of the important things to know before making any visitors medical insurance purchase:

  • Most visitor medical insurance plans can be bought for a minimum of 5 days.
  • The coverage starts at the day of travel from home country (or any future date specified while purchasing the plan) and ends the day the traveler returns to his home country.
  • It is always advisable to buy a visitor medical insurance from an agent in the USA.
  • Some of the visitors medical insurance plan covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions. So, if pre-existing conditions is one of the considerations, a plan that offers coverage for them must be chosen.

What type of visitors medical insurance should I buy?

There are two types of coverage in visitors medical insurance: Fixed Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage. Following table can be used to understand the basics of these types of coverage-

  Fixed Coverage Comprehensive Coverage
Cost Cheaper cost as compared to Comprehensive Coverage plans. Better coverage as compared to Fixed Coverage plans.
Coverage/Benefits Provides limited coverage which are given in scheduled benefits of plan. It provides broader coverage and recommended for traveling to any country.
PPO Network Any doctor/hospital can be visited, and the cost is decided based on the policy’s pre-fixed coverage (scheduled benefits). Most plans are like PPO plans where the medical cost is discounted within the approved network of doctors and hospitals.
Financial Responsibility After the deductible is met, the plan pays a fixed dollar amount for each kind of medical procedure. The remaining balance will be the responsibility of the insured. After the deductible is met, the plan has 80/20 co-insurance for the next $5000 for most of the plans. After $5000, plan pays 100% up to policy maximum.
Travel Coverage These plans do not offer coverage against baggage loss, trip delay and trip cancellations. Depending on the plan, travel related coverage (trip delays/cancellations/baggage loss) might be covered.
Popular Plans Inbound Guest, Visitors Care, Inbound USA, Visitor Secure etc. Atlas America, Patriot America Plus, Patriot America, Liaison Continent etc.

Different plans offer different coverage. Their premium and coverage differs based on the age of the traveler, duration of the stay, deductible and policy maximum. You can get quotes for different plans from our website and contact us via phone/email to make the right decision for you. MultiChoice Insurance Services, MCIS, your friendly and easily accessible visitors insurance service provider offers only the very best for you.

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