Benefits Covered in Visitor Insurance Plans
Benefits Covered in Visitor Insurance Plans
Benefits Covered in Visitor Insurance Plans

Happy faces, joyful heart, memorable moments all symbolize a vacation that everyone dreams of. A lot goes into planning for perfect vacation! Right from the choice of location, the cost of accommodation, transport and travel prices, packing suitcases etc., any vacation starts with spending some time and effort. But there is one more important task that comprises vacation planning. It is the purchase of visitor insurance.

Visitor Insurance - A Quick Recap

Visitor insurance in simple terms can be understood as insurance for visitors and is protection against unforeseen events that can occur during traveling. These events may be related to medical condition of the visitor, his baggage and his trip.Having visitor insurance does not guarantee that any undesirable event like illness or injury or theft would not occur but it means the associated financial risk would be reduced.

Visitor Insurance can be bought at the time of making travel arrangements. It can also be purchased for a future date and for certain number of days. Most of the plans are usually renewable.

Benefits offered by Visitor Insurance

Based on personal preferences and requirements, visitors can choose from a plethora of visitor insurance plans. These plans vary in terms of coverage and benefits they offer and their cost. But, there are some benefits that are common in all visitor insurance plans:

1.Visit to the doctor - Visit to the doctors or hospitals is covered by all plans for new sickness, injury and accident.

2.Hospitalization -

a. Hospital room and board expenses including nursing services, hospital supplies (for person to use while inpatient)

b. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admission and related care services

c. Diagnostic testing using radiology, ultrasonic or laboratory services

3.Inpatient and Outpatient Surgery - Professional services provided by a physician, specialist physician, and/or surgeon for diagnosis, treatment and surgery of a covered condition.

4.Outpatient Surgical Facility - This covers charges for operating room, lab tests, X-ray exams, professional fees, anesthesia, drugs or medicines, therapeutic services and supplies.

5.Emergency Room Expenses - This includes charges for the use of the ER itself and other charges incurred during the use of the ER for a covered injury or illness.

6.Medication & Prescription drugs - Most of the plans cover expenses for drugs which require prescription by a physician for treatment of a covered illness or injury.

7.Ambulance Services - Emergency local ambulance transport necessarily incurred in connection with injury or illness resulting in inpatient hospitalization.

8.Dental injury - Emergency Dental Treatment necessary to restore or replace sound natural teeth lost or damaged in an accident which was covered under this insurance.

9.Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) - The accident giving rise to the Accidental Death or Dismemberment must occur while the insured person is a fare paying passenger on a regularly scheduled trip on board a commercial airline or cruise line.

a. Accidental Death- Each plan has a different payable sum that goes to the insured person’s beneficiary

b. Accidental Dismemberment- Loss of limb(s) and/or eye(s) is covered in different amounts.

10. Repatriation of Remains - The expenses arising from the death of the insured person is normally covered by all the plans. Repatriation of Remains benefits only when the death of the person occurs as a result of an injury or illness that is covered under this insurance. This benefit is available only while this insurance is in effect. This includes-

a. Air or ground transportation of bodily remains or ashes to the airport or ground transportation terminal nearest to the principal residence of the deceased insured person

b. Reasonable costs of preparation of the remains necessary for transportation

11. Emergency Medical Evacuation -

a. This includes emergency air transportation to a suitable airport nearest to the hospital where the insured person will receive treatment

b. Emergency ground transportation after the emergency air transportation and from the destination airport to the hospital where the insured person will receive treatment.

These are the general benefits offered by most of the visitor insurance plans. But the extent to which these are covered varies as different plans offer benefits based on different age groups or limits. Contact MCIS today to understand the detailed coverage of your chosen insurance plan.

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