Claim Submission For Visitor Insurance
Claim Submission: Things to Remember
Claim Submission: Things to Remember

All visitor insurance companies require visitors to submit claim forms to the insurance company. Insurance company will not process claims without these claim forms. Once the medical care has been received, claim submission is an important part of visitor insurance. This is quite different from the domestic health insurance where the insured person is not required to submit claim forms if he has received the medical services.

Why to submit claims for Visitor Insurance

Insurance companies need claim form for two-way verification. It means verifying if the insured has received particular health services at a particular health facility or through health provider. The claim forms enables the insurance company to verify this as well as verify the identity of the insured person. Once this is done, they can proceed to provide the result of the claim submission to the insured.

How to submit claims

Submission of claims for received medical treatment or prescription drugs require following documents-

1) It is mandatory to fill the claim form completely. The claim forms must have all the correct information in it. For the description regarding medical conditions, be precise. Various claim forms pertaining to different visitor insurance plans can be obtained here.

2) If the medical condition arises due to an accident, fill out the Accident Questionnaire too.

3) You can mail, email or fax claim documents to the insurance company. MCIS recommends you to file claims through email so you have an electronic record of all the documents sent to the insurance company.

4) The claim form has to be submitted within timely manner with insurance company. Some insurance company provides maximum 60 days whereas some provides maximum 90 days from the date of service received to file claims. Each insurance company has different guidelines to submit claims. Please contact MCIS for more details.

5) Attach all original itemized bills for services and supplies. Please check the documents for possible errors before sending to the insurance company.

6) Along with the claim form and the itemized bills and receipts, claim examiner may or may not ask for these documents. This is up to their discretion.

a) a copy of passport front and back pages

b) visa stamped pages

c) US entry immigration page

d) If you want to receive the reimbursement check under someone else’s name who has the payment on your behalf, an authorization letter for reimbursement check is required.

7) Make sure you keep copies of the claim form and all itemized bills, receipts with you.

How are claims processed

Each insurance company takes different processing time for different type of claims.  The standard processing time is usually 30 business days but sometimes it may take longer to verify documents or it may be required to get additional details to process a claim. The claimant can follow up with the insurance company regarding claim status. The insurance company’s contact number can be found on the policy documents as well as on the insurance ID card. If the claim is approved, payment may be done directly to the medical service provider or the visitor may be reimbursed. You may authorize MCIS agent to help you in claim processing.

Contact MCIS if you have any questions regarding claim filing process. We can also guide you through filling of claim forms or submission. You can contact us by email or call us at +1-855-444-6247 and +1-510-353-1180.

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