Common Visitor Insurance Myths
Common Visitor Insurance Myths
Common Visitor Insurance Myths

Visitor insurance to many travelers is an important part of their travel preparation, while for others, it is an expense which is not needed. It can be easily imagined as a person carrying an umbrella when the weather reports indicate rain, and still, there are people who think they don’t need an umbrella because the rain may not fall. However, it should be noted that the people carrying the umbrella feel better when it rains than the people without the umbrella. Similarly, purchasing visitor insurance is a choice that lies in the hands of the traveler. It is not mandatory to buy it but yes, very much recommended. There lie certain common myths when it comes to the decision making about visitor insurance. Let’s see what are these and how much truth they contain.

1. Visitor insurance is meant only for people who are going for an adventurous trip.This is a common mindset of many people who think since they will be mainly staying indoors and hence nothing would happen to them. Therefore, they opt out of visitor insurance. Now, let’s take a definition of visitor insurance. Visitor insurance is like a short term insurance that offers coverage against medical emergencies that may arise during a person’s travel. The noteworthy point here is that medical events can occur to anyone and anywhere. Regardless of the location of the traveler, indoor or outdoor, and regardless of what a traveler is engaged in, sitting on a couch or bungee jumping, anyone can sustain a new injury or fall sick. Here comes the visitor insurance as a savior. Especially in countries with high medical costs like US, it becomes very important to purchase visitor insurance. Therefore, it’s a myth that visitor insurance is only meant for people who are going to involve themselves in extreme activities.

2. Having local medical insurance is sufficient while traveling, so buying visitor insurance is pointless.  Most travelers who are in possession of some local medical insurance or Medicare think that they do not need visitor insurance on top of what they already have. Probably they aren’t aware of the limitations of their local insurance when they travel to international destinations. Medicare doesn’t offer coverage when a medical mishap happens outside the country. Moreover, these local insurance do not provide for emergency medical evacuation or return of mortal remains or return of a minor child. Hence, buying visitor insurance is important when you are traveling outside the country for all the above-mentioned benefits.

3. Being careful and only doing the right things, I can avoid anything from going wrong. Yes, this is a very good thought. But, sustaining injuries or falling sick can not be altogether avoided. By being careful, doing only what is right and safe, eating well, sleeping enough and taking prescribed medicines on time, the possibility of medical attention may be diminished but there’s no guarantee. Buying visitor insurance makes sure a traveler is taken care of, both medically and financially, when they sustain a new injury or fall sick. Having visitor insurance is like an umbrella when it can rain. Anybody who thinks by doing only right things, they can be in full control and hence should not waste money on insurance, is not thinking clearly. Buying visitor insurance is not an unnecessary expense, because it safeguards a visitor in times of unforeseen medical events.

4. When there is a need for medical attention, I will pay up front, out of pocket. A lot of travelers think like this. They think they do not need to buy visitor insurance because when they can afford an international trip, they can take care of themselves when a medical need arises.  They are not at all familiar how expensive healthcare costs can be in developed countries like the USA. A small visit to the Emergency Room will easily hand them a bill with thousands of dollar expense. This amount is sufficient enough to take their peace of mind away. Therefore, it is not wise enough to think you would be paying out of pocket, up front for medical services availed in countries like USA. Visitor insurance safeguards the traveler by providing coverage against medical emergencies and the financial trauma that may arise if they didn’t have the visitor insurance.

5. If I get sick, I can buy visitor insurance to cover those medical expenses. Many travelers don’t bother to buy visitor insurance prior to their trip. They believe it can be bought when they need it to cover certain medical expenses, when they fall sick or sustain a new injury. However, this is a big myth as well as common ignorance amongst travelers. Visitor insurance is meant to cover only new injury, sickness and accident. Once an un-insured person sustains an injury or accident or falls sick, visitor insurance purchase at that time will not cover the expenses associated with this injury/sickness.  MultiChoice Insurance Services, MCIS, one of the authorized and largest visitor insurance agent in the USA, recommends buying visitor insurance, at least 5 days before the start date of travel. It should never be left till the last moment, and definitely, can not be bought as per the need basis during the trip. MCIS have served thousands of families over decades with their insurance needs, and provide simple and easy visitor insurance buying process: read the plan details, then quote-compare-purchase.

As apparent, any traveler, especially the first-timers can have these myths set in their minds, but it is important to keep open eyes and ears when planning for international travel. Whenever in doubt, an authorized insurance agent should be contacted and asked for suggestions. It is better to spend upfront then waiting till the mishap occurs. It is worse that in an unforeseen health event, a traveler or his family needs to worry about the finances. Remember, to buy the umbrella before it rains! 

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