Coverage of Visitor Insurance that might Surprise You
Coverage of Visitor Insurance that might Surprise You

Coverage of Visitor Insurance that might Surprise You Image

Visitor Insurance safeguards visitors against unforeseen medical circumstances when they visit some foreign land. But this is not the only benefit it offers. Visitor Insurance also provides protection and coverage for many other unforeseen circumstances. The goal of this blog post is to bring forth these circumstances that a lot of people are unaware of and which are also covered by many insurance plans (it should be noted that not all insurance plans provides these coverage).

1. Acute Onset of Pre-existing Conditions:

The term “Acute Onset of a Pre-Existing Condition(s)” shall mean a sudden and unexpected outbreak or recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition(s) which occurs spontaneously and without advance warning either in the form of Physician recommendations or symptoms, is of short duration, is rapidly progressive, and requires urgent care. The Acute Onset of a Pre-existing Condition(s) must occur after the effective date of the policy. Treatment must be obtained within 24 hours of the sudden and unexpected outbreak or recurrence. A Pre-existing Condition that is a chronic or congenital condition or that gradually becomes worse over time will not be considered Acute Onset. This benefit does not include coverage for known, scheduled, required, or expected medical care, drugs or Treatments existent or necessary prior to the Effective Date of coverage.  A few visitor insurance plans offer coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions upto certain extent.

2. Pharmacy Discounts:

Some insurance plans provide Pharmacy Discount cards that provide discount when prescription medicines are purchased from pharmacies. Visitor Insurance do have network of medical care providers (doctors, hospitals, physicians) but unfortunately they do not have any network for pharmacies. This discount cards will help the insured avail discount on the prescribed medication. For more details on how to enjoy this benefit, please contact MCIS.

3. Return of Minor Children Coverage:

During a trip if the parent suffers from some injury/illness and is hospitalized for more than a fixed number of days (normally 7), visitor insurance covers the cost of arranging and sending the dependent (minor) children back to their home country. But the injury or illness the parent suffers from should be the one that is covered by the insurance policy. If the children are too young to travel by themselves, an attendant travels with them. The insurance company coordinates this arrangement. It should be noted that other miscellaneous expenses such as, meals and lodging expenses are not covered by the Return of Minor Children coverage.

4. Emergency Reunion Coverage:

Emergency Reunion coverage, often known as “bedside visit” covers the cost of round trip transportation of a family member or friend to the injured or sick insured person outside his home country. If the insured person gets hospitalized for more than 7 days (usually) due to a covered injury or any other medical condition, he can choose to have a person (friend or family) to be with him. The lodging expenses of this traveling person may or may not be covered by the insurance plan.

5. Natural Disaster Coverage:

Earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards or snowstorms are termed as natural disasters since they happen due to natural causes. Some visitor insurance plan provides coverage from natural disasters too. Visitor Insurance provides Natural Disaster coverage in form of pre-trip cancellation coverage and post-departure trip interruption coverage.

  • Trip Cancellation Coverage - If the insured person’s trip is cancelled due to some unforeseen weather condition (their destination or home is damaged due to some natural disaster) trip cancellation coverage provides 100% benefit to his or her non-refundable prepaid trip costs.
  • Trip Interruption Coverage - In case the insured person’s trip is interrupted due to some natural disaster, Trip Interruption Coverage reimburses him or her with the extra expenses incurred by the insured person and this reimbursement is only to a certain limit. The additional money that the insured spends to return to his home is also covered in the Trip Interruption benefit.

6. Political Evacuation Coverage:

Due to situation of political unrest and danger, political evacuation may be important. In such circumstances, political evacuation coverage will provide for insured person and his dependents to be evacuated to a safe place. This includes the transportation as well as lodging costs. During this time, the insurance company relays messages about them to their family members. After the situation is safe and resolved, they will be returned to their home country or to the place they have been evacuated from.

Visitors often overlook these coverage and they only look for medical coverage. But these are also essential coverage, which must be kept in mind, while purchasing a visitor insurance, plan. It should be kept in mind that not all visitor insurance plans offer these benefits. To understand the details about these benefits, and which plans offer what, you can contact MCIS.



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August 19, 2015 at 01:36 AM

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