Examples Covered under Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Coverage


Coverage Under INF Acute Onset Plan

My father had a heart attack a few years ago. After his travel to the US, he started experiencing heart pain. I took him immediately to the emergency room. Is this covered? 

Yes. Cardiologist visits are covered underneath a Full Pre-Existing coverage plan. 

My mother-in-law had a sudden drop in blood sugar. I took her to the Urgent Care clinic. Is this covered? 

Yes, as long as you seek medical attention within 12 hours you are covered. 

My uncle was playing a game of cricket in the neighborhood and started to experience chest pain. He was hospitalized for 3 days and required several blood tests, and heart scans. Will this be covered? 

Yes. Our plans will cover any sudden recurrence caused by a pre-existing conditions. Our plans have no pre-authorization, meaning the hospital can get the treatment your visitors needs faster. 

My father-in-law had several kidney issues over the past few years. After several hours of pain, we took him to the hospital to have kidney stones removed. Is this covered? 

Yes. As long as the treatment is sought within the first 12 hours of first exhibiting symptoms, any pre-existing condition will be covered. Our plans have no look back period for pre-existing conditions. 

My cousin has diabetes. After a few days in the US, she contracted a Urinary Tract Infection which required hospitalization. Is this covered? 

Yes. Under our plans, Urinary Tract Infections are considered new sicknesses and are covered by Acute Onset coverage plans. 

My mother is a heart patient. She was prescribed medication but often forgets to take it often. She experienced a sudden heart attack and needed to visit the emergency room. Will this emergency visit be covered? 

Yes, our plans cover any incident regardless if your visitor was taking their prescribed medication.