Emergency Medical Evacuation & It’s Importance
Emergency Medical Evacuation & It’s Importance
Emergency Medical Evacuation & Its Importance

Medical Evacuation (Medivac or Med Evac) as the name suggests stands for evacuation due to medical emergencies. In terms of travel, if a visitor gets seriously injured or suffers from any medical emergency and due to inadequate treatment facility or expertise or equipment at the destination country, he is evacuated to a better hospital or medical facility for adequate treatment. It should be noted this happens if the visitor insurance plan has coverage for Medical Evacuation.

Medivac- When & When not

A visitor is only evacuated on the following grounds-

  • He or she is suffering a serious or life threatening injury or sickness and needs to taken to the nearest medical facility
  • Medical specialist with the needed expertise is not available
  • The medical facility does not have proper equipment for the treatment

Medivac does not come into action for an injury that can be reasonably treated, for example, if the visitor suffers from a local allergy (and is not life threatening.)

Medivac- What is covered & What not

Medivac becomes important to save someone’s life. But that’s not the only thing Medivac saves. It also keeps the financial scenario sane in such a condition. Imagine a visitor needing to be brought from some far off destination to his home country USA, it won’t be easy and cost-effective. Medivac covers the visitor financially at the time of such an emergency. Take a note what Medivac covers and what is not covered:

  • It covers transportation costs (ground ambulance and air ambulance) to the nearest medical facility that offers adequate treatment.
  • Medical evacuation MUST be coordinated with the insurance company.
  • It may or may not cover medical emergency treatment costs. It depends on the plan benefits and exclusions.
  • Baggage related delay and trip cancellation benefits are not covered.

It is recommended to check with MCIS to understand what your Medical Evacuation Insurance Plan offers and what are the inclusions and exclusions. We also advise you to know beforehand how to contact with the insurance provider in case Medivac is needed.

Voluntary choice of medical provider

It should be noted that the visitor can pick a provider inside or outside the insurance company’s provider network. But it is recommended they should pick within the network since it comes at a discounted price and saves time in finding a good doctor or hospital when needed.

It is apparent, the need and importance of medical evacuation within a visitor insurance plan. It is always advisable to review your insurance plan coverage for the same. No one imagines encountering a medical evacuation situation while they are traveling but as it is said, prevention is better than cure. It is always advisable to be ready and prepared when you travel to a new land. Contact Multichoice Insurance Services if you have any questions about Medivac and what insurance plans cover in terms of medical evacuation. Our insurance agents can help you with all your insurance related queries.

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October 18, 2015 at 12:19 AM

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