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Visitor Health Insurance - Purchase

  • When should I buy visitor Insurance plan?
    Once your trip is confirmed you can buy plan.
  • Whose name should I write in the column for beneficiary?
    You can write any name that you want to choose beneficiary such as son, daughter, spouse, relative, etc.
  • If I don’t have last name, how would I purchase this plan because online application ask for first and last name?
    No problem, you may fill out your first name in both the columns.
  • I need to buy visitor Insurance for my parents/relatives. Would it be cheaper if I buy combine policy?
    No, it would be same price if you buy combine policy or two separate policies.
  • When I fill out online application for my parents, I do see column to fill out passport number for my father but I don’t see column to fill out for my mother?
    In most of the plans, only one passport number is required per family.
  • What information would I need if I am purchasing this plan for my relative?
    Following information is needed during purchase of a plan:1.Insured person full name as per the passport.2.Insured person Passport number.3.Insured person date of birth.4.Credit/debit card to make payment in US dollars.
  • If I located outside USA, can I still buy this plan?
    Yes, you can buy this plan from any corner in the world if you have any credit/debit card to pay premium in US dollars.
  • If I travel multiple countries, would Insurance company provide me coverage?
    Yes, if you select option for it. There are usually three options when you purchase a plan:1. USA only2. International Excluding USA3. International Including USASelect the option which best fits you. But remember, these plans do not cover home country.
  • What is the difference between renewal and non renewal plan?
    There is big difference between renewal and non renewal plan:Renewable plan – If you initially purchase the plan which is renewable, you have an injury and went to doctor/hospital for medical treatment during coverage period and you pay deductible and co-insurance and company pays the bill according to coverage. After that if you renew the plan, then you don’t have pay the deductible again and your co-insurance would accumulate to the plan after renewing it. If you need any further medical attention for the same injury, it won’t be considered as pre-existing condition because that is still one policy whose coverage has not finished yet.Non Renewable plan – If you initially purchase the plan which is non-renewable, you have an injury and went to doctor/hospital for medical treatment during coverage period and you pay deductible and co-insurance and company pays the bill according to coverage. After that if you want to extend the plan, you have to buy new policy because this plan was not renewable. Then, you have to meet deductible and co-insurance again. If you need more medical attention for the same injury which occurred during last policy period, it would not be covered because that would be considered as a pre-existing condition because it happened before this policy started.Your previous policy and this policy would be considered as two different policies.
  • I am not sure how long would I stay. So, for how long should I purchase the plan?
    If you stay 3 months and more, we recommend you to buy the plan for minimum of 3 months because most of the plans are renewable, if you initially purchase for 3 months, you have the option to renew it.
  • When can I buy visitor plan? Does it have to buy by insured?
    You can buy visitor Insurance plan any time from our website (24 hours a day and 7 days a week).
  • Is there any physical or medical exam require by Insurance company to purchase short term visitor medical Insurance plans?
    No. Only long term medical Insurance plans requires previous medical history of the person to be insured.
  • What date should I select for coverage during purchasing plan?
    Start date – Select the date you are starting from your home country. Once the plane takes off, your coverage starts from there. So, you would be covered during the flight.End date – Select the date when you would reach home country. Once the plane lands in home country, your coverage ends there. So, you would be covered during the flight.Note: Remember, all plans start and end according to US Eastern time.If your relatives are visiting from India, there are approx. 12 hrs differences between Indian and US time. To be on safe side, we recommend you to put effective date one day advance from actual start date and end date to be one day later according to US Eastern time because sometimes there may be delay in the journey due to any reason. So, they may also be covered during journey.
  • Is there any age limit?
    Most of the plan covers up to age 69, some plans provide coverage up to age 79, but there are few plans which provide coverage for age 80 and more.
  • Why should I buy visitor Insurance from US based companies when I can buy it from home country?
    US based company1. US based companies have wide network with doctors/hospitals. So, you may find the provider in most countries through internet or by calling Insurance company.2. Most of the comprehensive plans have PPO network where company pays a negotiated fees to provider.3. If you go within the PPO network, doctor/hospital can get pre-authorization from Insurance company and they will send the bill directly to Insurance company. You just have to pay your share such as deductible or co-insurance or uncovered medical expenses.4. If you are leaving back early, you may cancel the plan and get the premium back (if no claim is submitted) according to plan term and conditions.Non-US Company1. They don’t have doctor/hospital network outside their country.2. They don’t have PPO network. So you pay their regular service charges.3. If you visit foreign country, you have to pay the bill first and then you fill out the form and send the bill to the Insurance company and wait for reimbursement. Most of the time bill is really big which person cannot afford to pay. But unfortunately this is reality.4. Some of the non-US Insurance companies ask for copy of passport/visa with entry and exit stamp which means you can not get reimbursement of bill until you reach your home country.5. If you want to cancel the plan, most of the non-US companies do not refund premium.
  • Is there any discount, if I buy directly from Insurance company?
    All the rates and plan are provided directly from Insurance companies on our website. If they offer any discount, it will automatically apply to it.
  • Why should I buy visitor Insurance?

    People who live in developed countries such as USA, England, Australia, France, and Italy…Etc are aware of high cost of medical treatment. Visitor Insurance plans would insure you from unforeseen circumstances during the coverage period. Future is unpredictable. If you have Insurance, you have chance to protect ourselves in future from unforeseen consequences. If you do not have Insurance, you will loose the chance.

Visitor Health Insurance - Coverage

  • How soon can my coverage start?

    If you apply online today, your coverage can start as early as after midnight today i.e. Tomorrow 12:01 AM Eastern time unless you select any future date.If you fill out paper application, it usually takes 4-5 business days to process. Then your coverage can start from any future selected date.

  • Does these plans cover in home country?
    No, these plans do not cover in home country. Suppose if you are citizen of India, these plans won’t cover in India.
  • I want to get my routine check up from doctor in USA. Would Insurance company cover it?
    No, They are not meant for routine check up or preventive care. Visitor Insurance plans are for emergency such as sudden sickness, injury, accident and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Is there any plan which covers pregnancy?
    Yes, there are some long term plans which cover pregnancy with certain term and conditions. Some of them plans are “Inbound Immigrant” from Seven Corners, “Global Medical Insurance” from IMG. Please read plan brochure for more details or contact us.
  • What is deductible, co - Insurance and policy maximum?
    Deductible – The amount of initial expenses for which insured person is fully responsible before Insurance company pays eligible expenses.Co-Insurance – The percentage of eligible expenses insured person is responsible to pay after deductible.Policy Maximum – Maximum amount of money that Insurance company is responsible to pay for covered expenses.
  • Is prenatal care covered?
  • What is difference between Emergency Services vs Urgent care?
    Emergency Services – Those situations which require immediate medical attention, for which a delay in treatment can result in a permanent physical impairment or loss of life (i.e. Poisoning, heart attack, sudden breathing problem, stroke, etc).Urgent Care -- This includes less serious situations than Emergency Services which require immediate attention (i.e. Fracture, cuts, fever, etc).
  • Are baggage loss, trip interruption and trip cancellation covered under the plan?
    Yes, most of the plans cover baggage loss and trip interruption. It is always better to read plan brochure for more details.Trip cancellation is an option rider. You may buy it by paying extra premium by choosing rider.

Visitor Health Insurance - Usage

  • What if my visa status has changed after buying the plan?
    In most of the plans coverage remains same. But you may always contact us or Insurance company. We may gladly help you out.
  • Can I renew my plan? Is there any additional price to renew plan?
    Yes, most of plans are renewable but different plans have different term and conditions for renewal such as some plans have to be initially purchased for 3 months to get renewal option. Please read plan description or contact us.Yes, Most of the Insurance companies charge from $5 -15 extra fees to renew the plan each time.
  • If I get sick and I go to doctor/hospital, how would the policy work? Do I have to pay them money?
    When you buy Insurance from US based companies, they will provide you ID card which has Insurance company's and your information on it. When you go to doctor/hospital for medical treatment, you show them ID card and they will contact the Insurance company and get pre-certification from Insurance company.If you have not met the deductible according to your policy coverage, you have to pay the deductible. If the plan does not have PPO Network, it is option for doctor/hospital either they may send the bill to the Insurance company or to you. If doctor/hospital does not want to send bill to the company, you can make the payment and get reimbursement for covered medical expenses from Insurance company.
  • Can I visit any doctor/hospital?
    Yes, you can visit any licensed doctor/hospital. Some plans are under PPO network. If your plan has that option, we recommend you to visit those doctors/hospitals that are under PPO network to get negotiated rates for treatment.
  • When should I go to doctor, urgent care center or emergency room?
    Please use your best judgement to pick type of provider/facilty.When to go to the doctor: If it is not an emergency, it's best to go to doctor's office for medical care. If your plan has PPO network then it is always recommended to us that provider list.When to go to an urgent care center: When you need immediate medical attention, but your condition isn't life-threatening, consider an urgent care center, if there is one in your area. You can get treated for many minor problems which are not life-threatening.When to go to the emergency room: When injuries or symptoms are truly life-threatening, it's time to head for the emergency room. Some examples of emergencies are large open wounds, head injuries or chest pain. In an emergency, no matter if you are at home or out of town, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
  • If I have a plan which has PPO network. What difference is between if I visit doctor/hospital that is under PPO network or non PPO network?
    In PPO Network: The Company pays a negotiated amount of money to doctor/hospital for each medical service. In this case, you are paying less money for treatment to doctor/hospital.Suppose you go to doctor and he charge $100/visit to his patients. If that doctor is under PPO network then company would have negotiated rates with doctor that company would pay him such as $60/visit for service. That means you are saving $40 in your medical treatment bill.Non-PPO Network: There are no negotiated rates. So, the bill would be same that doctor/hospital charges to other patients. Suppose you go to doctor and he charges $100/visit to his patients. Then, you bill would be $100/visit for that service.
  • Do I have to call Insurance company first, before I visit doctor/hospital?
    No, you can go to doctor/hospital and show them ID card (provided by Insurance company) and they will contact the Insurance company to get pre-certification.
  • If my parents are returning early, can I cancel the plan? Would Insurance company charge any cancellation fee? How would I get refund?
    Yes, You can cancel the plan any time.Yes, Insurance company charge cancellation fee. Different companies have different cancellation fee and policies.Insurance Company would only refund you premium back, if you have not submitted any claim. If you have submitted any claim Insurance company would not refund your premium.You would get the refund exactly the same way you initially paid the premium to purchase the plan. Suppose you paid the premium by credit card then company will refund you money on credit card.