How to Buy Visitor Insurance for USA
How to Buy Visitor Insurance for USA
How to Buy Visitor Insurance for USA

Visitor insurance is a short-term health insurance covering new sickness and new injuries that may happen during a trip. Irrespective of the purpose of trip, business or leisure, visitor insurance is necessary (though not mandatory for entering any country including USA). It provides benefits in times of medical emergencies, and therefore, MCIS, one of the largest brokers of visitor insurance in USA, highly recommends purchasing it. In this article, MCIS from its customer experience would like to share some basic but very useful information about visitor insurance.

The common myth: I don’t need visitor insurance!

International travel can be expensive. Flight tickets, visa arrangements, transportation and other expenses can sum up to be a high amount. Visitors often think that they are generally healthy, they may not have major health issues and therefore, they don’t need visitor insurance. In other words, they want to save on insurance. Even people with health issues assume that by taking care of their health during their travel and being prepared with necessary medication and other supplies, they will be fine. This is a myth because health mishaps can occur spontaneously, in spite of excellent self-care and precautions.  In such cases, visitors with no visitor insurance, ends up paying hefty amounts because health care in USA is very expensive. Here we are talking about thousands and hundreds of thousand dollars. Therefore, whenever in dilemma whether to buy visitor insurance or not, do not hesitate to call an authorized visitor insurance agent like MCIS and talk it out. You will realize that purchasing visitor insurance may turn out to be an investment and not an expense.

The eternal question: Where to buy from, India or USA?

MCIS, as a visitor insurance broker working for decades now, have seen that visitors are not sure where to buy visitor insurance from USA or India. People aren’t generally aware that their ticket agent in India, who also sells visitor insurance, is not an expert in visitor insurance. Visitor insurance is specialized insurance that is very different from any country’s local insurance. Moreover, the healthcare system in USA is different. The agents in India or other countries that sell visitor insurance for USA are not informed enough to explain visitors about how the insurance system works and whom the visitors can visit in case of medical emergencies. At the same time, due to difference in the time zone, they may not be the best agents to help in case any need arises. Visitor insurance should be purchased from an authorized insurance agent in USA. MCIS is one of the largest insurance brokers in USA and over the years have helped thousands of families with their different visitor insurance needs.

The popular confusion: Which plan to buy?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. There are many insurance plans and they differ in their benefits. The shopping for visitor insurance should start with assessing the individual needs. The type of trip and health of the visitor affect the choice of insurance plans and coverage. If a visitor is going to get involved in extreme activities like bungee jumping, parasailing, etc., he would require extra coverage. If a visitor is just going to be mostly indoors, he does not need to buy any additional coverage riders. The existence of pre-existing conditions may influence the choice of a plan that provides some coverage for their acute onset. There are different plans, which are suitable for different visitors. For some, cost is also a deciding factor. The cost of any of these plan would be the sum total of the duration of the trip, the chosen policy maximum, deductible and need for additional riders. In case of any questions, visitors should not hesitate to call a trusted agent.

The last step: How to buy?

Visitor insurance can be purchased for any duration, starting with 5 days and can be bought while the traveler is still in his country. MCIS and many other agents provide online information about insurance plans. Prospective visitors can read about different plans: their benefits, covered expenses and limitations of the plan. Based on all this information as well as individual insurance needs, a decision about the suitable visitor insurance can be made. From the website, visitors can get instant quotes, and they can make a purchase by their credit card immediately. Visitor insurance when purchased online, visitors immediately receive all documents like plan purchase confirmation, ID card and other policy documents on their email account.

Visitor insurance is not mandatory to be purchased but it’s like an umbrella. If it rains, you can use the umbrella. MCIS understands that the process of buying visitor insurance may be confusing for many, therefore, we try to regularly provide more and more information in easy and simple manner on our blog. In case, you want to know about something specific, please write to us at For any queries related to visitor insurance, do not hesitate to call our specialized and friendly agents.

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