How to Choose Best Visitor Insurance - Some Tips
How to Choose the Best Visitor Insurance

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Every time someone decides to take a trip abroad, buying of flight tickets and visitor insurance are considered the most important purchases. Just as someone spends time choosing the right itinerary and airlines (based on flight duration, airfare etc.), choosing the best visitor insurance also requires careful consideration. In our earlier blog posts, we have mentioned that cheapest insurance is not the best option when someone thinks cost is the guiding factor to purchase the right visitor insurance. We have also over the period of time, emphasized the fact that insurance must be bought from trusted USA-based insurance agents (when traveling to USA).

This blog post gives you a real life idea as to how to purchase the best visitor insurance for a financially and mentally healthy trip. Multichoice Insurance Services (MCIS) is a renowned and reputed visitor insurance service provider in United States and we have been serving thousands of families each year with the right visitor insurance plans. Based on what we experience, we bring you this real-life conversation between one of our agents and a client looking for visitor insurance for his parents. Before, we share this with you, we would like to give you some quick important tips to keep in mind while shopping for visitor insurance.

Some quick important tips before your purchase

  1. Coverage during stopover, travel and stay: Make sure that the visitor insurance covers not only the destination country (like USA) but also the country where the traveler has the stopover. At the same time it is important to keep in mind that the journey time is also covered by most of the insurance plans. As a traveler you must take care of the time difference between the departure & arrival destination so that you are covered during the flights too.

  2. Emergency Medical Evacuation: Take into consideration that the insurance plan you intend to buy covers Emergency Medical Evacuation. As the name suggests, Emergency Medical Evacuation means transportation to the nearest medical care facility where adequate care can be provided when something unforeseen happens.

  3. Repatriation of Mortal Remains: No matter how unfortunate it seems, death is inevitable. In case the traveler passes away while he is on his trip abroad, having a insurance plan that covers repatriation of mortal remains is a necessity. Repatriation of mortal remains means the traveler’s (insured person’s) remains will be transported back to his home country in event of a death.

  4. Sufficient Policy Maximum: The whole idea of purchasing visitor insurance is to avoid any kind of financial shock occurring due to high costs of medical costs in foreign land. Imagine a situation in which the traveler purchases a plan but at the time of need, he is still not able to reap its benefits and have to suffer huge financial expenses. It should always be taken care that the policy maximum of purchased visitor insurance plan should be high enough to cover big medical expenses. If the person is underinsured, it means it’s the same situation as not having any insurance at all.

  5. Clear Understanding of the policy: While making the choice of the insurance plan, the traveler should carefully look at all the inclusions and exclusions from the policy. He should have a clear understanding of his benefits. Also, he should be aware that after the purchase, how soon he will be able to receive the policy documents, whether email or through mail.

An Example from Real-Life
Now keeping these quick tips in mind, let’s take a look at a real-life phone conversation where a client calls MCIS agent with questions regarding the best visitor insurance plan for his parents traveling to US from India-

MCIS Agent: Hello!

Client:Hello! My parents are traveling to the United States in a month and I am looking for a visitor insurance plan for them. How can you help?

MCIS Agent: Thank-you for calling MCIS. Before I can provide you suggestions, I would like to know the age of your parents and the exact dates when they are traveling.

Client: My mother is 50 and father is 56. They are traveling to USA on July 23 and going back to India on December 21.

MCIS Agent: Let me give you some quick suggestions before I give you names of plans you could opt for-

  1. If your mother and father are traveling together (on same dates), we recommend you to buy separate policies for them. This is important because may be due to unforeseen reasons, one of them may have to postpone their tickets or have to go early. In case they have separate policies, their plans would be independent of each other.

Client: Thanks! Yes, I would like to go for two separate plans. How much would be the cost?

MCIS Agent: Different plans have different cost. Their premium and coverage differs based on the age of the traveler, duration of the stay, deductible and policy maximum. We would recommend having a reasonable policy maximum to cover big medical costs here in USA. Having a plan with low policy maximum makes you underinsured. The minimum policy maximum that we would suggest, taking into consideration the age of your parents is $50,000.

MCIS Agent:Do your parents have any medical condition they are getting treatment for in India, like diabetes, High Blood Pressure or any heart problems?

Client: My mother is healthy but my father has some pre-existing condition.

MCIS Agent: In that case, I would recommend you to buy visitor insurance plan that offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. This recommendation is for both of your parents. Even though, your mother is healthy, it is always safer to have a plan that would provide benefits even a condition that may not seem pre-existing, may occur but it would also be clear that it didn’t happen overnight. Please opt for a plan that would offer acute pre-existing coverage and benefits.

Client: Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, please provide me with plan information for my mother and father, starting from July 23 and ending December 21.

MCIS Agent: We would recommend you to buy the plan starting July 22 and ending December 22. This is so because it is advisable to cover your parents during their travel too. Given the time difference between the USA and India, we suggest including an extra day of coverage in the plan.

Client: Yes, thank you for this indeed important piece of information.

MCIS Agent: Ok, either you can purchase the plan from our website or I can purchase the plan right away for you as you provide me with the payment information. As soon as the purchase is completed, you will receive an online visitor insurance id for your parents on your email. Within a week or so, you will receive their id cards in your post. We wish your parents safe travel and healthy stay.

Please contact Multichoice Insurance Services today to buy the right visitor insurance plan for your loved ones. This real-life scenario provides you with a basic conversation between a client and our friendly authorized agents. These agents have undergone training about various insurance products to help you in customized way based on your specific needs and preferences. Here are our contact details.

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