How Does Travel Insurance Work in The U.S for Visitors
How Visitor Insurance Works?

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Visitor insurance is recommended to buy before a traveler visits another country. It offers protection against medical emergency, trip interruptions, emergency dental, natural disaster, repatriation of remains, accidental death and dismemberment, loss of baggage, physical therapy etc. that may arise during the trip. However, different plans have different coverage. Visitors insurance starts the very next day of the purchase or any specified future date.

Three important factors for Visitors Health Insurance Plan

In countries like the United States where the medical expenses can be very high, possessing visitors insurance is like safeguarding oneself from financial and mental trauma. With so many plans available in the market, it may be quite confusing which plan to purchase. Below are three important factors to be considered with respect to this purchase:

  • Type of Plan: The differences between Fixed Coverage Plans (Limited Coverage) or Comprehensive Coverage Plans should be well understood. The limited coverage plans are cost effective plans and the insured person can visit any doctor/hospital. But the protection provided by such visitor health insurance plans may be basic and limited. Comprehensive Coverage Plans offer better coverage, provide a trusted network of doctors/hospitals (out of network doctors/hospitals can be visited too but generally cost higher). They also provide travel related coverage like for trip interruption, loss of checked luggage etc.
  • Cost: The cost of a plan is calculated based on the traveler’s age, travel duration, deductible, policy maximum and the type of insurance plan.
  • Renewable/Cancellation: Whether a plan offers renewability/cancellation provision must be checked beforehand, in case conditions may arise thereby requesting changes in the traveler’s plan.

How does Visitor Health Insurance works?

Any traveler holding a visitors health insurance can use it in case of unforeseen medical emergency. Most of the visitor health insurance plans have contracts with medical providers (hospitals and doctors). A traveler may choose to visit any hospital or doctor belonging to the plan’s network. All visitors health insurance plans have deductibles and some may have co-pay.

How to avail medical treatment:

  • In case medical treatment is required, a traveler may make an appointment with the doctor (in this case it may be a non-emergent medical condition).
  • Urgent Care can be visited if the medical condition is urgent but not life threatening.
  • Emergency Services can be made use of by calling emergency number (911 in USA) in case of emergency medical conditions.

In all these cases, the traveler would need to show his proof of visitor health insurance i.e. his insurance identification card. It is up to the medical care provider’s (hospital/doctor) discretion whether a co-pay is charged or else a deposit is asked from the patient at the time of medical service provided.

Payments and Claim-filing:

  1. The visitor patient should ask for all the receipts and bills for all the received medical services and for medications (at the pharmacy).
  2. Claim form(s) must be filled with copies of all the medical receipts, a copy of passport and other relevant documents required by the insurance company.
  3. These claims will be evaluated by the claims department and accordingly processed which may take a few weeks to months depending on various factors.

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