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Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Services GroupInside USA NetworkOutside USA Network
Atlas AmericaFirst Health NetworkEquian
Atlas International
Student Secure Budget - Excluding USA
Student Secure Budget - Including USA
Student Secure Select - Excluding USA
Student Secure Select - Including USA
Visitor SecureVisit any doctor/hospital
Seven CornersInside USA NetworkOutside USA Network
Inbound GuestVisit any doctor/hospital 
Inbound Immigrant
Inbound USA
Liaison Continent Plan AUnitedHealthcare

Liaison Continent Plan B
Liaison Continent Plan E
Liaison Continent Plan F
Liaison International Option 1
Liaison International Option 2
Liaison Majestic - Excluding USA
Liaison Majestic - Including USA
Liaison Student
Liaison Worldwide - Excluding USA
Liaison Worldwide - Including USA
MCIS Flexible Travel Insurance - Including USA
MCIS Flexible Travel Insurance - Excluding USA
International Medical Group (IMG)Inside USA NetworkOutside USA Network
Patriot AmericaFirst Health

International Provider Link
Patriot America Plus
Patriot Exchange Program
Patriot GoTravel America
Patriot GoTravel International
Patriot Green America
Patriot Green International
Patriot International
Patriot Platinum America
Patriot Platinum International
Student Health Advantage - Excluding USA
Student Health Advantage - Including USA
Visitors CareVisit any doctor/hospital 
USI Affinity Travel Insurance ServicesInside USA NetworkOutside USA Network
Inter MedicalVisit any doctor/hospital 
Study USA HealthCareFirst Health NetworkEquian
Study USA HealthCare Preferred
Visit USA HealthCare - BudgetFirst Health NetworkEquian
Visit USA HealthCare - Standard
Visit USA HealthCare - Superior
Trawick InternationalInside USA NetworkOutside USA Network
Safe Travels For Visitors To The USAFirst HealthGBG Network - Outside USA
Safe Travels International
Safe Travels International Cost Saver
Safe Travels USA
Safe Travels USA Cost Saver
Global UnderwritersInside USA NetworkOutside USA Network
Diplomat AmericaVisit any doctor/hospital 
Diplomat International
Diplomat Long Term - Excluding USA
Diplomat Long Term - Including USA
Azimuth Risk SolutionsInside USA NetworkOutside USA Network
Beacon AmericaMultiPlan 
Beacon International
Petersen International UnderwritersInside USA NetworkOutside USA Network
Short Term Major MedicalFirst Health Network 


Associated Insurance Companies

Associated Insurance Companies