Beacon International

Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Azimuth Risk Solutions | AM Best Rating: A "Excellent" | Underwriter: Lloyd's of London

Acute Pre-Ex Coverage

Sudden Onset of Pre-existing

The Beacon Series offers coverage for a prior health condition,which suddenly and unexpectedly asserts itself during your travel,but has not received ongoing treatment, which would include medication or therapy of any kind for the past 730 days. Policies purchased with a Maximum Limits of $110,000, $550,000, or $1,100,000 offer coverage for Eligible Expenses up to $150,000. Policies purchased for all other Maximum Limits offer up to $50,000 and up to $25,000 when related to an Emergency Medical Evacuation. The Sudden Onset of Pre-existing benefit is only available to Participating Members under the age of 70. With this powerful benefit, you will enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have coverage, even when your health history has a few blemishes.