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Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Trawick International | AM Best Rating: B++ | Underwriter: GBG Insurance Limited


PAYMENT OF CLAIMS - The Company, or its designated representative, will pay a claim after receipt of acceptable Proof of Loss.

Benefits for Loss of life are payable to Your beneficiary. If a beneficiary is not otherwise designated by You, benefits for Loss of life will be paid to the first of the following surviving preference beneficiaries:

a) Your spouse;

b) Your child or children jointly;

c) Your parents jointly if both are living or the surviving parent if only one survives;

d) Your brothers and sisters jointly; or

e) Your estate.

All other claims will be paid to You. In the event You are a minor, incompetent or otherwise unable to give a valid release for the claim, the Company may make arrangement to pay claims to Your legal guardian, committee or other qualified representative.

All or a portion of all benefits provided by this plan may, at the option of the Company, be paid directly to the provider of the service(s). All benefits not paid to the provider will be paid to You.

Any payment made in good faith will discharge the Company's liability to the extent of the claim.

NOTICE OF CLAIM - Written notice of claim must be given by the claimant (either You or someone acting for You) to the Company or its designated representative within twenty (20) days after a covered Loss first begins or as soon as reasonably possible. Notice should include Your name, the Travel Supplier’s name and the Plan number. Notice should be sent to the Company’s administrative office, or to the Company's designated representative.

Contact the Plan Administrator at:
Customer Service: Toll-free: 877-442-8675 / Direct Dial: 727-799-8568
Mailing Address: Attention: Co-ordinated Benefit Plans, LLC
P.O. Box 26222
Tampa, FL 33623
Fax: 800-560-6340
Or E-mail your information to: