Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Independence Holding Company IHC | AM Best Rating: A-"Excellent" | Underwriter: Independence American Insurance Company, Madison National Life Insurance Company, and Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York.

Fusion STM is short-term medical insurance that provides financial protection in the event of an unexpected injury or illness. While Fusion provides first-dollar benefits, Fusion STM is designed to offer additional coverage for large expenses


Fusion fixed-indemnity exclusions

Consult the Certificate of Insurance for a complete list of exclusions and description of the benefits not covered. Except as specifically provided for in the Policy, the plan does not provide any benefits when a covered person receives any of the following treatments, services or supplies:

Fusion STM short-term medical

Covered expenses

All benefits are subject to the plan deductible and coinsurance. Covered expenses are limited by the usual and reasonable charge as well as any benefit-specific maximum. If a benefit-specific maximum does not apply to the covered expense, benefits are limited by the coverage period maximum. Benefits may vary based on your state of residence.

Covered expenses include treatment, services and supplies for:

Fusion STM exclusions

The following is a partial list of services or charges not covered by Fusion STM short-term medical. Check your Policy for full listing.