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Plan Administrator: International Medical Group | AM Best Rating: A "Excellent" | Underwriter: Sirius International


Global Crew Medical Insurance®
Flexible Worldwide Coverage. Comprehensive World-class Services.
As a professional marine crew member, you know that finding adequate medical coverage can be a challenge. The unique demands of your nomadic lifestyle often can prevent you from getting the comprehensive plan you need and deserve. Global Crew Medical Insurance is a revolutionary program from International Medical Group® (IMG®) that offers the flexible worldwide coverage you need, backed by the world-class services you expect. Unlike other health care programs on the market, Global Crew Medical Insurance allows you to custom build a plan that is specifically tailored for you. With this booklet, you can easily create the blueprint for your own benefits package. You can conveniently compare the benefits of several plan options, and learn about the unique services and the dynamic company that provides them. Choosing and applying for the best coverage available is easy.
Global Crew Medical Insurance is designed to meet your total needs. The program offers you the flexibility to select from an assortment of unique benefit options. From the scheduled benefits of the Silver plan option to the benefit-rich Platinum plan option, there are a large variety of specialized coverages to meet any need. To accommodate your financial means, you can customize your length and area of coverage with the flexibility to select from multiple deductibles and modes of payment. With your medical history in mind, the program also provides flexible underwriting methods to extend coverage to you that may be declined by other companies.
Additionally, the program provides world-class services. To maximize the outcome of your medical care, our on-site clinical staff is ready to assist you at a moment’s notice, and our extensive global provider networks are quickly and easily accessible. You also have direct access to our Medical Concierge, an unequalled service that provides you with personalized assistance in locating the best provider for your specific needs, while saving you on out-of-pocket and medical expenses. You can also efficiently save time managing routine areas of your account by utilizing our secure, online service tools. In addition, IMG is available for service at your convenience - via phone, email or Live Chat.
You need to know that you have the proper worldwide coverage. When you select Global Crew Medical Insurance, you receive IMG’s commitment to deliver exceptional health benefits, medical assistance and service - all designed to give you Global Peace of Mind®.
Flexible Worldwide Coverage
Global Crew Medical Insurance is versatile and tailored for you so you can easily design the benefits package that you need. The program provides comprehensive benefits, fully portable 24 hour coverage and the peace of mind you need. On the following pages, you can build your plan by reviewing and choosing from the coverage options and services available. More detailed benefit and service descriptions are provided as an insert in the pocket in the back of this booklet. Please refer to the Supplemental Brochure Inserts while reviewing the information herein.
Flexible Benefits
  • Silver plan option - Affordable medical security designed for the more budget-conscious consumer and those planning to receive care in lower cost areas of the world. Silver offers a wide range of scheduled benefits equipped to meet your essential needs.
  • Gold plan option - Ideally suited for those who desire full major medical coverage, but for a limited period of time. Gold provides comprehensive benefits for the first three years of coverage. After three years, certain benefits and lifetime maximums are reduced (see Summary Schedule of Benefits). As a result, Gold is priced more competitively than the Gold Plus option.
  • Gold Plus plan option - Comprehensive major medical plan designed for people who need longterm coverage. Benefit levels continue beyond year three as long as the plan remains in effect.
  • Platinum plan option - Provides the superior benefits package for the most discerning global consumer. Platinum offers a package of enhanced benefits and services. It is designed for the consumer who wants the convenience of comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits in one plan.
  • Optional Riders - All plan options offer additional, optional coverages (see page 7 for more information).
    • Global Term Life InsuranceSM (including AD&D)
    • Global Daily IndemnitySM
    • Maternity (Silver, Gold & Gold Plus plan options)
    • Terrorism (Platinum plan option)
    • Sports (Gold Plus and Platinum plan options)

Coverage Area Options/Budget

  • Two coverage areas: Worldwide or Worldwide Excluding the U.S., Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Singapore, and Taiwan - You have the opportunity to select the coverage area that best reflects your geographic area of need. Each provides full coverage, but premiums reflect the cost of care in different parts of the world. Regardless of the coverage area you choose, you maintain the freedom to choose your own provider.
  • Multiple deductible options - To accommodate your financial resources, you can select from seven different deductible options - all providing different premium levels. Additionally, your deductible can be reduced up to 50% to a $2,500 maximum (see the Summary Schedule of Benefits, for more about this savings).
    • $100* (Platinum plan option)
    • $250
    • $500
    • $1,000
    • $2,500
    • $5,000
    • $10,000
  • Four premium modes - Schedule the frequency of payment that meets your means.
    • Annual
    • Semi-annual
    • Quarterly
    • Monthly

Underwriting to Fit Your Needs

We have earned our reputation for excellence in the international community by maintaining the ability to be flexible and respond to our clients’ needs. Understanding that everyone has a unique medical background, with Global Crew Medical Insurance we have developed multiple ways to administer coverage to you - including situations where you may have been declined by other companies.
Your application will be reviewed based on the full disclosure of your medical history that you provide.
  • Standard underwriting - Standard underwriting provides the full pre-existing conditions benefit.
  • Exclusionary rider(s) - With an exclusionary rider, we are able to extend coverage for your medical needs, with the exception of the specific excluded condition named in the rider. This allows standard pre-existing condition benefits for non-ridered conditions that may otherwise have been declined.
  • Flexible underwriting rider - The flexible underwriting rider will allow us to extend coverage to you even if you have significant, ongoing and/or chronic pre-existing conditions. For a nominal annual administration fee, coverage is extended for a preexisting condition following 24 months of continuous coverage, during which you are symptom, advice or treatment free for that particular condition.

Comprehensive World-class Services

From routine care to complex case management to emergency medical situations, you’re never far from IMG’s support services. Global Crew Medical Insurance not only provides flexible coverage, it also provides you with prompt access to the invaluable international services and IMG resources - regardless of your location. For a further description of services, please refer to the Supplemental Brochure Insert included in the back of this booklet.
Routine Care
  • Freedom to choose your provider - Global Crew Medical Insurance allows you the freedom to choose your own health care provider no matter where you are in the world. With open access to health care providers, you have improved access to quality care.
  • Locating a provider - For your convenience and to help you reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, we provide you access to two extensive provider networks that include established, globally credentialed physicians and hospitals.
    • The independent Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) - when seeking care within the U.S.
    • The International Provider Access (IPA) - when seeking care outside the U.S.

Emergency Care

  • Emergency Medical Treatment - The ability to access quality health care is of paramount importance when a life-threatening medical emergency arises abroad. Global Crew Medical Insurance provides you with important emergency benefits backed by the services of an accredited 24/7/365 clinical staff with over 250 years of combined experience.
    • Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit
    • Return of Mortal Remains benefit
    • Remote Transportation benefit (Platinum plan option)
    • Political Evacuation benefit (Platinum plan option)

Medical Concierge

Unique medical service - Whether you are seeking care in a local facility or in a location you are not familiar with, the quality of the care you are receiving is a primary concern. Our Medical Concierge service is designed to provide you critical information on provider ratings, treatment outcome and cost of care prior to receiving medical treatment. Your personal Medical Concierge will review your specific non-emergency medical condition and provide you with complete information on provider ratings, past outcomes and general costs - all in the area where you are planning treatment.
IMG's Medical Concierge helps you make an informed decision when seeking medical care within the U.S. Also, you can receive a reduction in your deductible for utilizing this unique medical service. This level of individualized service is unmatched in the international arena. Please note due to the high level of data required for this service, Medical Concierge service is restricted to facilities within the U.S.
Clinical Staff Available for You
Medical professionals to coordinate your careIn the event you need medical care, our on-site clinical staff coordinates with the medical provider and treating facility to respond to the unique needs and circumstances you may face. Having provided services in more than 170 countries, we are experts at assessing the need for services and ensuring they are delivered in a timely, cost-effective manner.
This individualized approach gives you peace of mind knowing that you have experienced, knowledgeable professionals ready to help at a moment’s notice, anywhere around the globe.
Managing Your Plan
  • International service assistance - IMG’s international services are designed to help you maximize the outcome of your medical care.
    • Access to quality health care worldwide
    • Professionally trained multilingual claims administrators and service professionals with proven international experience
    • Claim inquiries, status of claim information and reimbursement options available online, by phone, fax, email and Live Chat
    • Experienced international currency conversion
    • Claim settlement directly to providers or to you via check or direct deposit
    • Verification of benefits and explanation of benefits to providers
  • 24/7/365 access to information - To help you save time managing routine areas of your account, we make it easy for you to get the information you need.
    • MyIMGSM - secure member Web site
    • Online renewals
    • Easy online U.S. and international provider searches
    • Retrieve explanation of benefits
    • Check the status of claims - real time information available
    • Update address information & request ID cards
    • Change your mode of payment
    • Multiple international service and assistance centers
    • Live Chat, email, phone, fax
The Advantages of the Platinum Plan Option
The Platinum plan option is the complete international protection plan. It offers enhanced and additional benefits, access to a dedicated service team ready to assist you, and access to our exclusive Global Concierge and Assistance ServicesSM. For a further description of Platinum benefits and services, please refer to the Supplemental Brochure Insert included in the back of this booklet.
  • Comprehensive Major Medical Plan - The Platinum plan option offers higher benefit maximums and additional coverages - Lifetime Maximum of $8,000,000, Transplants up to $2,000,000, as well as increased benefits for Hospital Room & Board, Return of Mortal Remains, Supplemental Accident, Mental & Nervous and Adult & Child Wellness. The plan also includes benefits for Remote Transportation, Political Evacuation & Repatriation and High School Sports Injuries.
  • One Plan with Medical, Dental and Vision BenefitsIn addition to the medical benefits, the Platinum plan option includes a dental plan with coverage for Class I Diagnostic & Preventive Services, Class II Basic Services and Class III Major Services. It also includes a vision benefit that provides coverage for exams and materials.
  • Remote Transportation Benefit - If you experience a medical problem that is not immediately lifethreatening, but severe enough to result in death or permanent disability if not treated right away, Remote Transportation will provide for eligible charges arising out of the transportation for you to a qualified facility for further treatment.
  • Political Evacuation and Repatriation Benefit - In the event the U.S. Department of State issues an evacuation order of the host country, IMG will coordinate the evacuation of any covered insured(s) to the nearest place of safety or repatriation to the insured’s home country of residence.
  • Mental & Nervous and Maternity CoverageExpenses associated with these conditions are covered the same as any illness.
  • High School Sports Injury Benefit - Protection is available for your children while participating in sanctioned, organized sports at the high school level or below.
  • Consultation for care and advice - The Platinum plan option offers you direct access to a medical information service which allows you to communicate with licensed physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, dieticians and fitness trainers. They are available to assist you with routine health related questions 24 hours a day.
  • Global Concierge and Assistance ServicesThe Platinum plan option provides you with more than insurance protection - you also have exclusive access to a list of additional services handled by a dedicated service team available 24/7. Please refer to the Supplemental Brochure Insert for an extensive list.
Flexible Underwriting
Global Crew Medical Insurance provides flexible underwriting methods so your application may be underwritten by Standard Underwriting or the Flexible Underwriting Rider.
Standard Underwriting - There are two levels of underwriting when all medical conditions have been disclosed and they have not been specifically excluded or restricted by a rider (subject to the foregoing limits and the other terms of the plan*).
The Silver, Gold and Gold Plus plan options provide a $50,000 lifetime benefit for eligible pre-existing conditions that existed at or prior to the effective date, subject to a maximum of $5,000 per period of coverage after coverage has been in effect for 24 continuous months. This benefit is payable whether or not you have received consultation or treatment for the condition(s) during the 24-month period of continuous coverage.
The following illnesses which exist, manifest themselves, or are treated or have treatment recommended prior to or during the first 180 days of coverage from the initial effective date are considered preexisting conditions and are subject to the waiting period and other limitations of coverage described above: acne, asthma, allergies, tonsillectomy, back conditions, adenoidectomy, hemorrhoids or hemorrhoidectomy, disorders of the reproductive system, hysterectomy, hernia, gall bladder or gall stones and kidney stones, any condition of the breast, and any condition of the prostate.
On the Platinum plan option, conditions that are fully disclosed on the application and have not been excluded or restricted by a rider will be covered the same as any illness. Conditions, including any complications therefrom, that are not fully disclosed on the application will not be covered.
  • Flexible Underwriting Rider - Where you may have otherwise been declined for coverage, the Flexible Underwriting Rider allows us to extend coverage to you. After 24 months of continuous coverage, a disclosed pre-existing condition which has not been specifically excluded by a rider will be covered the same as any other pre-existing condition, so long as in that 24 month period no treatment has been received for that condition. If treatment has been sought or should have been sought, then the 24 month period starts over from the treatment date.

Eligibility & Enrollment

Global Crew Medical Insurance is available to individual professional marine crew members of all nationalities. To be eligible for coverage you must meet the following criteria:
  • You must currently or usually work aboard or be employed by a vessel as a full-time, sea-going crew member for hire, who expects to spend a significant period of time during the Period of Insurance sailing outside of U.S. territorial waters in such capacity.
  • If you are a United States citizen, you must not qualify for or be able to obtain adequate coverage under a U.S. domestic insurance plan that will provide continuous coverage outside of the United States, and you must provide a signed Statement of Residence and an address of residence outside of the U.S., if available. If you are not a United States citizen, you must provide a non-U.S. residence address or provide a signed Statement of Residence.
  • You must be less than 75 years of age.

An application must be completed for each person requesting coverage.

How to Apply

To apply for Global Crew Medical Insurance, simply complete and return the application. You must accurately complete all questions outlined in the application in order to be considered for coverage. An attending physician statement may be required depending upon your answers to the medical questions, and IMG reserves the right to request additional medical information.
When we receive your completed application with premium, we will promptly evaluate it based on the information provided. If approved, you or your agent/broker will be mailed or emailed a fulfillment kit which includes an identification card, declaration of insurance and a Certificate of Insurance (containing a complete description of benefits, exclusions and terms of the plan), claim filing information, and claim forms. You are required to notify IMG, as required by the terms of the plan, if you suffer from or are treated for any illness, injury or other medical condition between the time of your application and the issuance of the certificate. If your application is not approved, you will receive a full refund of premium. For additional information, please contact your independent insurance agent or broker.
We are confident that you will be pleased with the full terms of coverage. To ensure your satisfaction, once you are accepted in the plan we provide a 15 day period to review the fulfillment kit contents. If during that 15 day period you find that you are not satisfied with the plan for any reason, you may submit a written request for cancellation and full refund of your premium. See the Certificate of Insurance for full details.
Cancellation requests received after this 15 day period will be granted at the sole discretion of IMG as the plan administrator. Any refund you may receive will be based on an established refund schedule, not a pro-rated basis. See the Certificate of Insurance for full details.