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Plan Administrator: Seven Corners | AM Best Rating: A "Excellent" | Underwriter: Lloyd's


Proof of Loss

Written Proof of Loss, which will include, but not limited to: original signed and dated claim form, original receipts and bills, copies of medical records; must be furnished to Seven Corners, at its said office, within ninety (90) days after the date of such Disablement. Failure to furnish such proof within the time required shall not invalidate nor reduce any claim if it was not reasonably possible to give proof within such time, provided such proof is furnished as soon as reasonably possible. In any case, the proof required must be given no later than one (1) year from the time specified except in the absence of legal capacity. The Company at its option may pend resolution and adjudication of submitted claims and/or deny coverage for Proof of Loss submitted thereafter, or for incomplete Proof of Loss and/or failure to submit Proof of Loss.

Claims Submission

Claims Services

Important Note: Claim forms and receipts for medical expenses must be sent to Seven Corners quickly. Claim submissions must be made within ninety (90) after the Date of Service. Should they be received after ninety (90) days, they may be considered ineligible.

To report claims or verify eligibility, send the original bills and claim forms to Seven Corners, Inc., or call or fax to the numbers below. Be certain to include Your ID# shown on the ID Card with all correspondences:

Seven Corners, Inc.
303 Congressional Blvd; Carmel, IN 46032
800-335-0477 or 317-575-2652 FAX 317-575-2256

Claim Forms

The Company, upon receipt of a notice of claim, will furnish to the claimant such forms as are usually furnished by it for filing Proofs of Loss. If such forms are not furnished within fifteen (15) days after the giving of such notice the claimant shall be deemed to have complied with the requirements of the Certificate as to Proof of Loss upon submitting, within the time fixed in the Certificate for filing Proofs of Loss, written proof covering the occurrence, the character and the extent of the Disablement for which claim is made.

Payment of Claims

Subject to any written direction of the Insured Person all or a portion of any indemnities provided by this Certificate on account of Hospital, nursing, medical or Surgical service may, at the Company's option and unless the Insured Person requests otherwise in writing not later than the time for filing proof of such loss, be paid directly to the Hospital or person rendering such services.

Notice of Claim

Written notice of claim must be given to the Company within ninety (90) days after the occurrence or commencement of any Disablement covered by the Certificate, or as soon thereafter as is reasonably possible. Notice given by or on behalf of the claimant to the Administrative Offices of the Company, or to any authorized agent of the Company, with information sufficient to identify the Insured Person shall be deemed notice to the Company.

Legal Actions

Any disputes arising from this Certificate or its alleged breach may, if not resolved by the parties, be referred to arbitration by either party pursuant to the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”). Either party may make a Inbound Choice 15 LON16-160810-02TM demand for arbitration and such arbitration shall be conducted in Carmel, Indiana, and judgment on any award rendered in such arbitration may be entered in any state or federal court in Indiana. Notices in connection with such arbitration and process in any judicial proceeding in connection wherewith may be served by personal delivery or registered mail on the Company at 303 Congressional Boulevard, Carmel, Indiana 46032 and on the Insured Person(s) at the most current address appearing in the records of the Company, with the same effect as if personally served in Carmel, Indiana.

Arbitration shall be before a single arbitrator jointly selected by the parties hereto. If the parties are unable to agree on an arbitrator within thirty (30) days after the arbitration demand is filed, the AAA shall select the arbitrator. The arbitration filing fee, if any, and fees of the arbitrator shall initially be shared equally between the parties, provided however, that the prevailing party shall be reimbursed for these costs by the non-prevailing party at the conclusion of the arbitration proceeding. Each side shall bear their own legal fees and costs and any other fees associated with participating in the arbitration process. All fees and expenses of the arbitration shall be borne by the parties equally.

The arbitrators are precluded from awarding punitive, treble or exemplary damages, however so denominated. If more than one insured is involved in the same dispute arising out of the same Certificate and relating to the same Loss or claim, all such Insured(s) will constitute and act as one party for the purposes of the arbitration. Nothing in this clause will be construed to impair the rights of the Insured(s) to assert several, rather than joint, claims or defenses.

No actions at law or in equity shall be brought to recover on the Certificate prior to the expiration of sixty (60) days after written Proof of Loss has been furnished in accordance with the requirements of this Certificate. No such action shall be brought after expiration of three(3) years after the time that written Proof of Loss is required to be furnished.

Service of Suit

It is agreed that in the event of the failure of Underwriters to pay any amount claimed to be due hereunder, Underwriters, at the request of the Assured, will submit to the jurisdiction of a Court of competent jurisdiction within the United States. Nothing in this Clause constitutes or should be understood to constitute a waiver of Underwriters’ rights to commence an action in any Court of competent jurisdiction in the United States, to remove an action to a United States District Court, or to seek a transfer of a case to another Court as permitted by the laws of the United States or of any State in the United States. It is further agreed that service of process in such suit may be made upon Mendes and Mount; 750 Seventh Avenue; New York, NY 10019-6829 USA (For California residents, contact Eileen Ridley, FLWA Service Corp., c/o Foley & Lardner LLP, 555 California Street, Suite 1700, San Francisco, CA 94104-1520 USA.), and that in any suit instituted against any one of them upon this contract, Underwriters will abide by the final decision of such Court or of any Appellate Court in the event of an appeal.

The above-named are authorized and directed to accept service of process on behalf of Underwriters in any such suit and/or upon request of the Assured to give a written undertaking to the Assured that they will enter a general appearance upon Underwriters’ behalf in the event such a suit shall be instituted.

Further, pursuant to any statute of any state, territory or district of the United States which makes provision therefor, Underwriters hereby designate the Superintendent, Commissioner or Director of Insurance or other officer specified for that purpose in the statute, or his successors in office, as their true and lawful attorney upon whom may be served any lawful process in any action, suit or proceeding instituted by or on behalf of the Assured or any beneficiary hereunder arising out of this contract of insurance, and hereby designate the above-mentioned as the person to whom the said officer is authorized to mail such process or a true copy thereof.

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