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Plan Administrator: INF Healthcare | AM Best Rating : "A+"(Superior) | Underwriter: Axis Insurance Company.

Examples of Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Condition




**Pre-Existing Condition Coverage only Extends to Insured when Pre-Existing Coverage Option is chosen in the Enrollment Form.**

This feature of the INF Health Care Accident and Sickness Insurance Program provides coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions, defined as an illness, disease, injury or other condition of the Insured Person before the Insured Person’s coverage became effective under the Policy:

Pre-Existing Conditions coverage is limited to Acute Onset coverage. If you experience an acute onset of a pre-existing condition, benefits are payable according to your policy benefits. Treatment for said condition must be obtained within 12 hours of the sudden and unexpected outbreak or reoccurrence.

**For Individuals who select Non-Pre-Existing Coverage Option:

Pre-Existing Conditions, defined as an illness, disease, injury or other condition of the Insured Person that in the 365 day period before the Insured Person’s coverage became effective under the Policy.


We will pay Medical Expense Benefits for Covered Expenses that result directly, and from no other cause, from a Covered Accident or Sickness. These benefits are subject to Deductible of $250, $500 or $1000 for $75,000 policy maximum (ages 70-89) or $250, $500 or $1000 for $150,000 policy maximum (ages 69 and under) per person for each Injury and each Sickness as show in the table below.

Policy Max

New Sickness Deductible

Pre-Existing Max

Pre-Existing Deductible

$150,000 (Age 0-69)

$250 | $500 | $1000

$150,000 (Age 0-69)

$250 | $500 | $1000

$75,000 (Age 70-89)

$250 | $500 | $1000

$75,000 (Age 70-89)

$250 | $500 | $1000

$150,000 (Age 0-69)

$250 | $500 | $1000



$75,000 (Age 70-89

$250 | $500 | $1000



The Policy Maximum for all Accident and Sickness Benefits and Pre-existing conditions is $150,000 (Age 0-69) and $75,000 (Age 70-89). Benefits are also subject to the following:

Co-Insurance Limits:

In-Network: 80% of covered Network charges up to a policy maximum per Insured Person per Covered Injury or Sickness. Out-of-Network: 80% of Usual and Customary Charges up to a policy maximum per Insured Person per Covered Injury or Sickness.

Network Provider:

First Health Network  Click Here to Search for Providers Near You Medical Expense Benefits are only payable: (1) for Usual and Customary Charges incurred after the Deductible, if any, has been met; (2) for those Medically Necessary Covered Expenses that the Covered Person incurs; (3). for charges incurred for services rendered to the Covered Person while on a covered Trip; and (4) provided the first charge is incurred within 90 days of the Covered Accident or Sickness. Payment for Covered Expenses will not exceed the Policy Maximum shown above.

Covered Medical Expenses include:


Premium Rates in all tables ( are per month (30 days coverage) and any single days premium is prorated based on 30 day monthly premium.

Enrollment is subject to the following rules:

- You must enroll and pay premium for at least 30 days of coverage


You are eligible to elect this insurance is you are an active member of the INF and are visiting the USA or Canada. Members are auto-enrolled in membership by paying $15 application fee. Membership expires at the termination date of each policy. Membership fees are required for new applications & renewals. 

All Visitors & Travelers to the United States (included Non-US Citizens & US Citizen Expatriates visiting the United States) are eligible to enroll in this policy. You may elect coverage for your Eligible Dependents traveling with you.  

Eligible Dependents are any of the following persons: the insured member's legal spouse, and their unmarried dependent children under 19 years of age (19 years and older if a child is incapable of self-sustaining employment due to physical or mental handicap). 

If adoption, birth or marriage occurs while the insured member is covered under this insurance, the insured member will have 31 days within which to enroll a newly eligible dependent and pay the required premium for coverage to continue for the remainder of the period of coverage.


To enroll in the INF HEALTH CARE Accident & Sickness Insurance Program, you may enroll online or submit paper application from your agent. Click here to complete application online. To enroll in the health plans offered, follow the steps listed below: 

1. Complete the Insurance Enrollment Form 

2. Submit the forms either electronically or as shown below.


Fax the membership and enrollment forms (fax versions of the forms are available under download link) with charge authorization to 408-520-4967


Mail a check for the exact amount with completed enrollment forms: the membership form & insurance form. Prepare two checks: 

1. Application fee of $15 made payable to INF Health Care, LLC and 

2. Premium amount made payable to ‘INF Health Care, LLC’ and mail the package to:

INF Health Care
7065 Westpointe Blvd, Suite 209
Orlando, FL 32835-8758

Processing of an insurance enrollment may take up to 2 working days. Fulfillment is completed electronically. Physical delivery of an ID card is subject to an additional $5 processing fee. Requests may be submitted to

In addition, benefits will not be paid for services or treatment rendered by any person who is:

If we determine the benefits paid under this Rider are eligible benefits under any Other Health Care Plan, We may seek to recover any expenses covered by the Other Health Care Plan to the extent that the Insured person is eligible for reimbursement.

This insurance does not apply to the extent that trade or economic sanctions or other laws or regulations prohibit US companies from proving insurance, including but not limited to, the payment of claims.   All other terms and conditions of the Policy and this Rider remain unchanged.


Europ Assistance can help travelers with medical emergencies by:

The Europ Assistance communications network is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide assistance to the Insured Person.

Inside the United States/Canada call (877) 243-4134

Outside United States/Canada call collect 240-330-1528

or email


EMERGENCY MEDICAL EVACUATION AND REPATRIATION: These Benefits will not be payable unless We (or Our authorized travel assistance provider) authorize in writing, or by an authorized electronic or telephonic means, all expenses in advance, and services are rendered by Our a travel assistance provider. Contact Europ Assistance for these services at (877) 243-4134 or call collect from outside the United States at (240) 330-1528 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Email:

EMERGENCY MEDICAL EVACUATION BENEFIT: We will pay Emergency Medical Evacuation Benefits as shown for Covered Expenses incurred for the Emergency Evacuation of a Insured Person. Benefits are payable up to the Benefit Maximum shown, if the Insured Person suffers a Covered Injury or Emergency Sickness during the course of the Covered Trip that requires Emergency Evacuation.

REPATRIATION OF REMAINS BENEFIT: We will pay Repatriation Benefits up to the Benefit Maximum shown for preparation and return of a Insured Persons body to his or her place of primary residence if he or she dies as a result of a Covered Injury or Emergency Sickness while traveling on a Covered Trip.

ACCIDENTAL DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT: If Injury to the Insured Person results, within 365 days of the date of a Covered Accident, in any one of the losses shown below, We will pay the Benefit Amount shown below for that loss. The Aggregate Sum is $500,000 as shown. If multiple losses occur, only one Benefit Amount, the largest, will be paid for all losses due to the same Covered Accident.

Covered Loss

Benefit Amount

Loss of Life

100% of the Aggregate Sum

Loss of Two or More Hands or Feet

100% of the Aggregate Sum

Loss of Sight of Both Eyes

100% of the Aggregate Sum

Loss of One Hand and Foot

100% of the Aggregate Sum

Loss of One Hand or Foot and Sight in One Eye

100% of the Aggregate Sum

Loss of One Hand or Foot

50% of the Aggregate Sum

Loss of Sight in One Eye

50% of the Aggregate Sum

Exposure and Disappearance