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Plan Administrator: INF Healthcare | AM Best Rating : "A+" (Superior) | Underwriter: Axis Insurance Company.

Examples of Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Condition

Pre-existing Coverage



Pre-existing Coverage is limited to Acute Onset coverage. If you experience an acute onset of a pre-existing condition, benefits are payable according to your policy benefits. Treatment for said condition must be obtained within 12 hours of the sudden and unexpected outbreak or reoccurrence. Please view the premiums & coverage tables for full list of preexisting maximums:

Pre-Existing Condition means an illness, disease, injury or other condition of the Insured Person that before the Insured Person's coverage became effective under the Policy: 1. was treated by a Physician or treatment had been recommended by a Physician; 2. required taking prescribed drugs or medicines, or 3. first manifested itself, worsened, became acute or exhibited symptoms that would have caused an ordinarily prudent person to seek diagnosis