INF Premier 2

Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: INF Healthcare I AM Best Rating : "A++" I Underwriter: CHUBB American Insurance Company.

Examples of Covered Pre-Existing Condition



Refund of premium, less a $25 processing fee, will be considered only if the Cancellation Form is received by the INF Health Care prior to the effective date of coverage. After that date, the premium is considered fully earned and non-refundable. All cancellation requests should be submitted by completing the Cancellation Form found at the following link: INF Cancellation Form. The form can be faxed to 408-520-4967. Policy changes cannot be made under any circumstances once the policy becomes effective.

This Description of Coverage is a brief description of the important features of the insurance plan. It is not a contract of insurance. The terms and conditions of coverage are set forth in the Policy issued to the Policyholder on Form # AH-15090. The Policy is subject to the laws of the state in which it is issued. Coverage may not be available in all states or certain terms or conditions may be different if required by state law. Please keep this information as a reference.


Insurance policies providing certain health insurance coverage issued or renewed on or after September 23, 2010 are required to comply with all applicable requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”). However, there are a number of insurance coverages that are specifically exempt from the requirements of PPACA (See §2791 of the Public Health Services Act). CHUBB maintains this insurance is short-term, limited duration insurance and is not subject to PPACA.

CHUBB continues to monitor federal and state laws and regulations to determine any impact on its products. In the event these laws and regulations change, your plan and rates will be modified accordingly.

Please understand that this is not intended as legal advice. For legal advice on PPACA, please consult with your own legal counsel or tax advisor directly