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Plan Administrator: INF Healthcare | AM Best Rating : "A++" | Underwriter: CHUBB American Insurance Comapany.



You are eligible to elect this insurance is you are an active member of the INF and are visiting the USA or Canada. Members are auto-enrolled in membership by paying $15 application fee. Membership expires at the termination date of each policy. Membership fees are required for new applications & renewals.

All Visitors & Travelers to the United States (included Non-US Citizens & US Citizen Expatriates visiting the United States) are eligible to enroll in this policy. You may elect coverage for your Eligible Dependents traveling with you.

Eligible Dependents are any of the following persons: the insured member's legal spouse, and their unmarried dependent children under 19 years of age (19 years and older if a child is incapable of self-sustaining employment due to physical or mental handicap).

If adoption, birth or marriage occurs while the insured member is covered under this insurance, the insured member will have 31 days within which to enroll a newly eligible dependent and pay the required premium for coverage to continue for the remainder of the period of coverage.


Coverage for a member and any eligible dependents who enroll in this program will begin at 12:01 a.m. on the latest of the following dates, whichever is applicable: Insured’s Effective Date: Insurance under this Policy shall become effective on the latest of the following dates:

1.The Effective Date of the Policy;

2.The date the Insured leaves their Home Country or Residence;

3.The date the Insured’s enrollment form is received by the INF Health Care;

4.The date the Insured’s premium is received by the INF Health Care; or

5.The date the Insured requested on the Application.

Dependent's Effective Date: Insurance under this Policy shall become effective on the latest of the following dates:

1.The date the insured member’s coverage becomes effective;

2.The date the Dependent leaves their Home Country or Country of Residence; or

3.The date the person becomes a dependent (as defined).

Insured’s Termination Date: The coverage provided with respect to the insured member shall terminate on the latest of the following dates:

1.The last day of the period for which the premium is paid;

2.The date the insured member returns to his or her Home Country or Country of Residence;

3.The expiration of the maximum coverage period; or

4.The date the Policy terminates.

Dependent’s Termination Date: The coverage provided with respect to the insured member’s covered Dependents shall terminate on the latest of the following dates:

1.The date the insured member’s coverage ends;

2.The last day of the period for which the premium is paid;

3.The date an insured Dependent returns to his or her Home Country or Country of Residence;

4.The expiration of the maximum coverage period; or

5.The date the Policy terminates.

Termination of Coverage will not affect a claim for a covered loss that occurred while the insured member’s coverage was in force under this policy. This coverage will not duplicate benefits available from other valid and collectible insurance. If a covered person’s Injury or Sickness is due to an act or omission of another, benefits payable by this program are subject to recovery from amounts paid to, or on behalf of, the covered person.

Coverage for a Covered Person will be considered continuous during consecutive periods of coverage for up to 12 months if the required premium is received by INF Health Care prior to any subsequent period of coverage purchased for a Covered Person.

The continuation of coverage will not establish a new benefit period, nor affect maximum benefits or benefit periods for a loss incurred during any preceding coverage period.


Premium Rates in all tables ( are per month (30 days coverage) and any single days premium is prorated based on 30 day monthly premium.

Enrollment is subject to the following rules:

-You must enroll and pay premium for at least 30 days of coverage

-You may enroll for up to 12 consecutive months and pay the required premium at the time of enrollment

-You must pay the full premium for the requested months at the time of enrollment

-A $15 application fee will be charged for each enrollment and is non-refundable even if insurance is canceled within cancellation period.

-If you are on a Trip and wish to extend your coverage you may enroll for an additional period subject to a minimum period of one day and an overall maximum period of 12 months.


To enroll in the INF Accident & Sickness Insurance Program, you may enroll online or download the forms and send the completed forms to INF . Please use the following link to apply for insurance:

1.Complete the Insurance Enrollment Form

2.Submit the forms either electronically or as shown below.

VIA FAX: Fax the membership and enrollment forms (fax versions of the forms are available under download link) with charge authorization to 408-520-4967

VIA MAIL: Mail a check for the exact amount with completed enrollment forms: the membership form & insurance form. Prepare two checks:

1.Application fee of $15 made payable to INF Health Care, LLC. and

2.Premium amount made payable to ‘INF Health Care, LLC' and mail the package to:

INF Health Care

 7065 Westpointe Blvd,

Suite 209 Orlando,

FL 32835-8758

Processing of an insurance enrollment may take up to 2 working days; when processing is complete, if you enroll for a coverage term of 1 month or more. Fulfillment is completed electronically. Physical delivery of an ID card is subject to an additional $5 processing fee. Requests may be submitted to

“Country of Permanent Assignment" means a country, other than your Home Country, in which the Policyholder requires you to work for a period of time that exceeds 364 continuous days.

“Country of Permanent Residence" means a country or location in which you maintain a primary permanent residence.

“Covered Accident"means an accident that occurs while coverage is in force for a Covered Person and results directly of all other causes in a loss or Injury covered by the Policy for which benefits are payable.

“Covered Expenses" means expenses actually incurred by or on behalf of a Covered Person for treatment, services and supplies covered by the Policy. Coverage under the Policyholder’s Policy must remain continuously in force from the date of the Covered Accident or Sickness until the date treatment, services or supplies are received for them to be a Covered Expense. A Covered Expense is deemed to be incurred on the date such treatment, service or supply, that gave rise to the expense or the charge, was rendered or obtained.

Covered Person" means any eligible person for whom the required premium is paid.

“Deductible" means the dollar amount of Covered Expenses that must be incurred as an out-of-pocket expense by each Covered Person per Covered Accident or Sickness basis before Medical Expense Benefits and/or other Additional Benefits paid on an expense incurred basis are payable under the Policy.

“Dependent" means an Insured’s lawful spouse or an Insured’s unmarried child, from the moment of birth to age 19, 25 if a full-time student, who is chiefly dependent on the Insured for support. A child, for eligibility purposes, includes an Insured’s natural child; adopted child, beginning with any waiting period pending finalization of the child’s adoption; or a stepchild who resides with the Insured or depends on the Insured for financial support. A Dependent may also include any person related to the Insured by blood or marriage and for whom the Insured is allowed a deduction under the Internal Revenue Code.

Insurance will continue for any Dependent child who reaches the age limit and continues to meet the following conditions: 1)the child is handicapped, 2) is not capable of self-support and 3) depends mainly on the Insured for support andmaintenance. The Insured must send Us satisfactory proof that the child meets these conditions, when requested. We will not ask for proof more than once a year.

“Doctor" means a licensed health care provider acting within the scope of his or her license and rendering care or treatment to a Covered Person that is appropriate for the conditions and locality. It will not include a Covered Person or a member of the Covered Person’s Immediate Family or household.

“Home Country" means a country from which you hold a passport. If you hold passports from more than one Country, your Home Country will be the country that you have declared to Us in writing as your Home Country. Home Country also includes your Country of Permanent Assignment or Country of Permanent Residence.

“Hospital" means an institution that: 1) operates as a Hospital pursuant to law for the care, treatment, and providing of inpatient services for sick or injured persons; 2) provides 24-hour nursing service by Registered Nurses on duty or call; 3) has a staff of one or more licensed Doctors available at all times; 4) provides organized facilities for diagnosis, treatment, and surgery, either: i) on its premises; or (ii) in facilities available to it, on a prearranged basis; 5) is not primarily a nursing care facility, rest home, convalescent home, or similar establishment, or any separate ward, wing, or section of a Hospital used as such; and 6) is not a place for drug addicts, alcoholics, or the aged.

“Injury" means accidental bodily harm sustained by a Covered Person that results, directly and independently from all other causes, from a Covered Accident. All injuries sustained by one person in any one Covered Accident, including all related conditions and recurrent symptoms of these injuries, are considered a single Injury.

“Insured" means a person in a Class of Eligible Persons for whom the required premium is paid making insurance in effect for that person.

“Medical Emergency" means a condition caused by an Injury or Sickness that manifests itself by symptoms of sufficient severity that a prudent lay person possessing an average knowledge of health and medicine would reasonably expect that failure to receive immediate medical attention would place the health of the person in serious jeopardy.

“Medically Necessary" means a treatment, service, or supply that is: 1) required to treat an Injury or Sickness; 2) prescribed or ordered by a Doctor or furnished by a Hospital; 3) performed in the least costly setting required by the Covered Person’s condition; and 4) consistent with the medical and surgical practices prevailing in the area for treatment of the condition at the time rendered. Purchasing or renting 1) air conditioners; 2) air purifiers; 3) motorized transportation equipment; 4) escalators or elevators in private homes; 5) eyeglass frames or lenses; 6) hearing aids; 7) swimming pools or supplies for them; and 8) general exercise equipment are not Medically Necessary. A service or supply may not be Medically Necessary if a less intensive or more appropriate diagnostic or treatment alternative could have been used. We may consider the cost of the alternative to be the Covered Expense.

“Preexisting Condition" means an illness, disease, or other condition of the Covered Person that in the 12 month period before the Covered Person’s coverage became effective under the Policy:

1.first manifested itself, worsened, became acute, or exhibited symptoms that would have caused a person to seekdiagnosis, care, or treatment; or

2.required taking prescribed drugs or medicines, unless the condition for which the prescribed drug or medicine istaken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription; or

3.was treated by a Doctor or treatment had been recommended by a Doctor.

"Sickness" means an illness, disease or condition that causes a loss for which you incur medical expenses while covered under the Policy. All related conditions and recurrent symptoms of the same or similar condition will be considered one Sickness.

"Trip" means travel by air, land, or sea from your Home Country. It includes the period of time from the start of the trip until its end provided you are engaged in a Covered Activity or Personal Deviation if covered under the Policy.

“Usual and Customary Charge" means the average amount charged by most providers for treatment, service, or supplies in the geographic area where the treatment, service, or supply is provided.

“We, Our, Us" means the insurance company underwriting this insurance or its authorized agent.


The MeMD program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provides you with access to a physician in the United States for any medical consultation and short-term prescription refills. This program is not insurance.

MeMD does not replace the primary care physician. MeMD does not guarantee that a prescription will be written. MeMD operates subject to state regulation and may not be available in certain states. MeMD does not prescribe DEA controlled substances, non-therapeutic drugs and certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. Teladoc physicians reserve the right to deny care for potential misuse of services.

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Accidental Death and Dismemberment**

$25,000 Maximum


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Benefit Period

36 Months