Liaison International Option 2

Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Seven Corners | AM Best Rating: A "Excellent"  | Underwriter: United States Fire Insurance Company & Lloyd's of London


Why International Medical Insurance?

Each year, millions of people travel beyond the boundaries of their medical insurance. If you are concerned with the potential out-of-pocket expenses that could result from an Injury or Illness while traveling, Liaison® International offers medical coverage and emergency services to individuals and families traveling outside their Home Country. This brochure is a brief description of Liaison® International. For a full description, please visit our website at After you have purchased the program a complete Program Summary will be mailed to you.

Liaison® International Plan provides coverage for individuals and families (including unmarried dependent child(ren) over fourteen (14) days and under nineteen (19) years of age) while traveling outside of their Home Country.
Eligible individuals may also purchase coverage for their eligible dependents. An eligible spouse shall be defined as the Primary Insured’s legal spouse. An Eligible Dependent Child shall mean the Primary Insured Person’s unmarried child(ren) over fourteen (14) days and under nineteen (19) years of age.
Home Country is defined as: The country where You have Your true, fixed and permanent home and principal establishment.
It is the Insured Person’s responsibility to maintain all records regarding travel history and age and provide any documents to the Administrator which would verify Eligibility Requirements.
Period of Coverage
The minimum Period of Coverage under the Liaison® International Plan is five (5) days, maximum is one hundred and eighty-seven (187) days. Coverage can be purchased in a combination of monthly and/or daily periods by paying the appropriate premium.
Effective Date
Your coverage begins at 12:01 AM North American Eastern Time on the latest of the following:
  1. The date and time the Company receives a completed application and premium for the Period of Coverage or
  2. The Effective Date requested on the application or
  3. The moment You depart Your Home Country or
  4. The date the Company approves the application.

Expiration Date

Your coverage terminates at 12:01 AM North American Eastern Time on the earlier of the following:

  1. Your return to Your Home Country (except as provided under the Home Country Coverage) or
  2. The expiration of one hundred and eighty-seven (187) days from the Effective Date of Coverage or
  3. The end of the period for which premium has been paid or
  4. The date You fail to be considered an Eligible Person or
  5. The maximum benefit amount has been paid.

The Program Administrator

Medical care is different throughout the world and providing quality medical attention should be the ultimate goal of any program. Most companies are not prepared to meet the unique needs of international travelers. An organization must be equipped to address foreign currencies, international doctors and hospitals, as well as unusual claim forms and documents. Liaison® International is designed and administered by Seven Corners, Inc. The claim and assistance professionals at Seven Corners collectively have over 250 years of experience in claim processing and administration.

The Insurance Company

Liaison® International is underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company (States not underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company are underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London. Please contact Seven Corners for a listing of these states).

Why Choose Seven Corners?


Seven Corners utilizes widely recognized and reputable insurance organizations to underwrite our programs. We realize that the value of an insurance program is in the professionalism of the underlying organization. Seven Corners continually invests in its people, systems, and solutions to make the insurance buying experience a favorable one for our clientele.


Our program brochures and documentation offer a detailed description of the product and underlying coverage.

Doctors & Hospitals Worldwide

Seven Corners has access to over 12,000 doctors and hospitals worldwide. With one phone call, we can assist you in locating a provider. Seven Corners Assist is trained to help you locate appropriate care.