Liaison Majestic - Including USA

Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Seven Corners | AM Best Rating: A "Excellent"  | Underwriter: Lloyd's of London.


Continuing Coverage

For those who are intending longer international trips, an option is available to you. Seven Corners will e-mail you a renewal notice prior to your program’s expiration date.

While a new period of coverage will be issued, your original effective date will be used with regards to calculating your deductible and coinsurance (for up to a total of 364 days, then both will begin again), as well as determining any Pre-existing Conditions.
The maximum period of time Seven Corners will allow you to be covered under Liaison® Majestic up to three 364-day Policy Periods (1 Policy Period for persons age 65 and over). Should you have a birthday, rates and medical maximums will be adjusted accordingly at renewal time, as presented in the plan cost section of this brochure. It is important to note that rates and benefits may change for each subsequent period of coverage. A $5.00 Administrative Fee will be included on each renewal notice. The option to renew is not available if you allow coverage to expire. If this happens, an entirely new program must be purchased and your Pre-existing Condition look-back begins again).