MCIS Flexible Travel Insurance - Including USA

Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Seven Corners | AM Best Rating: A "Excellent" | Underwriter: Lloyd's


Length of Coverage

Your coverage length may vary from 5 to 364 days.

Coverage Start Date - This is the start date of your plan. Coverage begins at 12:01 AM North American Eastern Time on the later of the following dates: 1) the day after we receive your application and correct premium if you apply online; or 2) the moment you depart your home country; or 3) the date request on your application.

Coverage End Date - Your coverage ends on the earlier of the following: 1) your return to your home country (except for Home Country Coverage); 2) or the expiration of 364 days from your coverage start date; or 3) the date shown on your ID card; or 4) the end of the coverage period purchased; or 5) the date you are no longer eligible for coverage; or 6) when the maximum benefit amount has been paid.


Coverage available for 5 days to 364 days

Choosing MCIS Flexible Travel Insurance

Why Choose MCIS Flexible Travel Insurance?

If you are traveling outside your home country,* your health insurance at home may not follow you abroad. MCIS Flexible Travel Insurance travels with you and offers customizable medical benefits, optional emergency services and benefit enhancements, and 24-hour travel assistance, all for a few dollars a day.

*Your home country is the country where you have your true, fixed and permanent residence. For United States citizens, home country is always the United States.

Why Should You Buy?

Your Underwriter - MCIS Flexible Travel Insurance has strong financial backing through Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London,* an established organization with an AM Best rating of A (Excellent). Your coverage will be there when you need it.

Your Plan Administrator - As your plan administrator, Seven Corners** will handle all of your insurance needs from start to finish. We will process your purchase, provide all documents, and handle any claims. In addition, our own 24/7 in-house travel assistance team, Seven Corners Assist, will handle your emergency or travel needs. We have 20 years of experience with travel insurance, and we are here to help.

*In specific scenarios, coverage provided by Tramont Insurance Company Limited. For more information regarding Tramont, please visit

**In California, Seven Corners operates under the name Seven Corners Insurance Services.

Who Can Buy?

You may buy coverage for yourself and your eligible dependents, including your legal spouse, domestic partner or civil partner and your unmarried dependent children over 14 days old and under 19 years. All applicants must be traveling outside of their home country.