Meridian Clear

Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Azimuth Risk Solutions | AM Best Rating: A "Excellent" | Underwriter: Lloyd's of London

Provider Network


UNITED STATES PREFERRED PROVIDER ORGANIZATION (PPO)— If treatment or supplies eligible for coverage under this insurance are received directly from the Scheme Administrator's approved list of independent PPO providers while the Participating Member is in the United States, the Scheme Administrator will waive any and all Coinsurance applicable to such claims. However, all treatment or supplies received in the United States from a non-PPO provider will remain subject to the applicable Deductible and Coinsurance, whether or not the Participating Member may be eligible for the foregoing special benefit relating to treatment or supplies received from PPO providers.

28.1 PPO Information —The Scheme Administrator endeavors to maintain a contractual arrangement with an independent Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that has established and maintains a network of US -based Physicians, hospitals and other healthcare and health service providers who are contracted separately and directly with the PPO and who may provide repricing, discounts or reduced charges for treatment or supplies provided to the Participating Member. The Scheme Administrator has no authority or control over the operations or business of the PPO, or over the operations or business of any provider within the independent PPO network. Neither the PPO, nor any provider within the PPO network, nor any of their respective agents, employees or representatives has or shall have any power or authority whatsoever to act for or on behalf of the Scheme Administrator in any respect, which would include, without limitation, no power or authority to: (i) approve Applications or enrollments for initial, extended coverage under this insurance plan or to accept Premium payments, (ii) accept risks for or on behalf of the Scheme Administrator, (iii) act for, speak for, or bind the Scheme Administrator in any way, (iv) waive, alter or amend any of the Terms of the Master Policy or the Evidence of Insurance or waive, release, compromise or settle any of the Scheme Administrator's rights, remedies, or interests thereunder or hereunder, or (v) determine Pre-notification, eligibility for coverage, verification of Benefits, or make any coverage, benefit or claim adjudications or decisions of any kind. It is not a requirement of this insurance that the Participating Member seek treatment or supplies exclusively from a provider within the independent PPO network. However, the Participating Member's use or non-use of the PPO network may affect the scope and extent of Benefits available under this insurance, which would include without limitation the applicable Deductible, Coinsurance and any Additional Deductible, as set forth above in the Schedule of Benefits. A Participating Member may contact the Scheme Administrator and request a PPO Directory for the area where the Participating Member will be receiving treatment (therein listing the Physicians, Hospitals and other healthcare providers within the PPO network by location and specialty), or may visit the Scheme Administrator's website at to obtain such information.