Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Independence Holding Company IHC | AM Best Rating: A-"Excellent" | Underwriter: Madison National Life Insurance Company


Benefits Plan A Plan B Plan C
Supplemental Accident1 $3,500 $6,350 $6,350
Critical Illness2 $7,500 $7,500 $7,500
Accidental Death & Dismemberment No No $10,000
First Day Hospital Confinement No No $500
Daily Hospital Confinement 1-10 Days (in addition to First Day) No No $500
Rx Discount3 Yes Yes Yes
Vision Discount3 Yes Yes Yes
CA eNewsletter3 Yes Yes Yes

1 After the deductible (Plan A: $250 deductible and Plans B and C: $500 deductible), benefits are payable for medical expenses incurred as the result of a covered accident, up to the selected maximum amount, minus the deductible, or the actual expense you incur, whichever is less.

2 Critical Illness coverage only applies to the primary insured and their spouse, if also a covered person.

3 This is a membership benefit and not an insurance benefit.

Covered Critical Illnesses include: life-threatening cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, coma, coronary artery bypass, loss of sight, speech or hearing, major organ transplant, paralysis and severe burn. The percentage of the benefit paid varies based on the illness diagnosed. Critical illnesses diagnosed in the first 30 days of coverage will have the lesser of a $500 benefit or 10 percent of the amount that it would have paid for the condition if first diagnosed more than 30 days after the insured person’s effective date. Refer to the Certificate of Insurance for complete definitions and diagnostic requirements of each covered critical illness. The amount payable will be reduced by 50 percent if the insured person is age 65 or older on the date a benefit becomes payable.

Accident and Critical Illness coverage terminates at age 70. Hospital Confinement coverage terminates at age 65.