Patriot America Plus

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Plan Administrator: International Medical Group | AM Best Rating: A "Excellent" | Underwriter: Sirius International

Provider Network

Locating a Provider

You may seek treatment with the hospital or doctor of your choice. When seeking treatment in the U.S., you have access to the Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), which are separately organized networks of hundreds of thousands of established, highly qualified health care physicians and many well-recognized hospitals in the U.S. You can quickly search the network through MyIMG. Additionally, to help you locate health care providers outside the U.S., IMG provides its online International Provider AccessSM (IPA), a database of over 17,000 providers.

USA Provider Network

Universal Rx Pharmacy Discount Savings

This is a discount savings program available to every insured of the Patriot Exchange Program plan. This program allows card holders to purchase prescriptions at one of over 35,000 participating pharmacies in the U.S. and receive the lower of 1) Universal Rx contract price or 2) the pharmacy regular retail price.This discount program is not insurance. It is purely a discount program available to insureds in the Patriot Exchange Program plans. Use of the discount card does not guarantee that medication is covered or will be reimbursed under the insurance plan.

UNITED STATES PREFERRED PROVIDER ORGANIZATION (PPO) - The Company, through the Plan Administrator, endeavors to maintain a contractual arrangement with one or more independent Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) that has established and maintains a network of U.S.-based Physicians, Hospitals and other healthcare and health service providers who are contracted separately and directly with the PPO and who may provide re-pricings, discounts or reduced charges for Treatment or supplies provided to the Insured Person. Neither the Company nor the Plan Administrator has any authority or control over the operations or business of the PPO, or over the operations or business of any provider within the independent PPO network. Neither the PPO nor provider within the PPO network nor any of their respective agents, employees or representatives has or shall have any power or authority whatsoever to act for or on behalf of the Company or the Plan Administrator in any respect, including without limitation no power or authority to: (i) approve Applications or enrollments for initial, renewal or reinstated coverage under this insurance plan or to accept Premium payments, (ii) accept risks for or on behalf of the Company, (iii) act for, speak for, or bind the Company or the Plan Administrator in any way, (iv) waive, alter or amend any of the Terms of the Master Policy or this Certificate or waive, release, compromise or settle any of the Company’s rights, remedies, or interests thereunder or hereunder, or (v) determine Pre-certification, eligibility for coverage, verification of benefits, or make any coverage, benefit or claim adjudications or decisions of any kind. It is not a requirement of this insurance that the Insured Person seek Treatment or supplies exclusively from a provider within the independent PPO network. However, the Insured Person’s use or non-use of the PPO network may affect the scope and extent of benefits available under this insurance, including without limitation any applicable Deductible, Coinsurance and benefit reduction, as set forth above. An Insured Person may contact the Company through the Plan Administrator and request a PPO Directory for the area where the Insured Person will be receiving consultation or Treatment (therein listing the Physicians, Hospitals and other healthcare providers within the PPO network by location and specialty), or may visit the Plan Administrator’s website at to obtain such information.

Service at your fingertips anytime, anywhere - that’s what MyIMG provides. MyIMG is our proprietary online service that allows you to access information and manage your IMG accounts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world. Our service centers in the U.S. and Europe are always available to help or handle emergencies 24 hours a day, but through MyIMG you have immediate access to a wealth of information about your account and can manage routine areas to help you save time when you may need it most. Some features include:

» Get explanation of benefits
» Initiate precertification
» Obtain certificate documents
» Locate a provider
» Recommend a provider/facility
» Request or print ID cards
» Submit claims online

Akeso Care Management® (ACM®)

The ability to access quality health care is of paramount importance when a medical emergency arises abroad. To coordinate care and provide U.S. and internationally based medical management services, IMG formed ACM, a URAC accredited, on-site specialized division devoted entirely to medical management. ACM’s clinical members are experts at assessing the need for services and ensuring those services are delivered in a timely, cost-effective manner.
From routine medical care to complex case management, from check-ups to emergency medical evacuations, ACM is there for you. They are committed to patient protection and empowerment, quality operations and provider compliance. This translates into better care for you - around the world, around the clock.