Patriot Platinum America

Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: International Medical Group | AM Best Rating: A "Excellent" | Underwriter: Sirius International


CANCELLATION BY INSURED PERSON: The Insured Person shall have three (3) days from the Initial Effective Date of Coverage (the “Review Period”) to review the benefits, conditions, limitations, exclusions and all other Terms of the Master Policy as evidenced and outlined by this Certificate. If not completely satisfied, the Insured Person may request cancellation of this insurance retroactive to the Initial Effective Date of Coverage by sending a written request to the Company by email, mail or fax and received by the Company within the Review Period, thereby qualifying to receive a full refund of Premium paid. Upon effectuation of such cancellation and refund, neither the Company nor the Insured Person shall have any further rights, liabilities or obligations under this insurance. After the Review Period, the following conditions apply if the Insured Person wishes to cancel this insurance:

(a) If any claims have been filed with the Company, the Premium is fully earned and is non-refundable.

(b) If no claims have been filed with the Company:

(i) a cancellation fee of fifty dollars ($50.00 USD) will be charged

(ii) only Premium covering time periods after cancellation are refundable