Rx Pay Card

Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Independence Holding Company IHC | AM Best Rating: A-"Excellent" | Underwriter: Independence American Insurance Company, Madison National Life Insurance Company, and Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if the brand name drug I am taking is not discounted?

If you are currently taking a medication that has similar active ingredients or is used to treat the same condition as a covered prescription on the list, you may be eligible to receive discounts. To take advantage of the full savings listed preferred drugs, you should ask your pharmacist or a doctor to change your medication, where medically appropriate, to a similar generic product listed on the covered prescription list. Simply ask your local pharmacist or call the customer service department to find out about generic equivalents for your prescription.

Is the Rx Pay Card available for child-only use?

Yes. If the Rx Pay Card is for a child only (no adults will be using the card), list the child’s name and information as the applicant. The parent or legal guardian must sign the enrollment form.

When can I begin saving on my prescription?

The effective date is the day after the administrative office receives your application and your first month’s payment. Your identification card and member enrollment kit will be available through your Loomis customer portal.

Is the Rx Pay Card available in all states?

The Rx Pay Card is available in all states except California, Illinois, Oregon, Utah or Washington.

Who do I contact for questions?

You may contact customer service at 866-473-6615 for billing and service requests such as cancellations, address changes, etc. For cancellations, you may also email cancel@loomisco.com. The pharmacy helpline phone number is 800-361-4542. For all other questions, please contact 1-877-684-0032.