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Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Trawick International | AM Best Rating: A | Underwriter: Crum and Forster, SPC

Provider Network

Preferred Provider Network

The Company maintains a Preferred Provider Network both within and outside the United States. Within the United States, the Company recommends the use of the Preferred Provider Network for maximum benefit payment. Outside the U.S., the Company retains the right to require the use of a Network Provider, where available. Utilizing these providers may result in payments directly to the provider as well as referrals to licensed medical providers you can trust. You can find the link to the provider directory at Or be subject to a 20% copayment on all claims.

In the United States, provider choices and reimbursement assessment will be based as follows:

In-Network Preferred Provider: This tier consists of all In-Network Providers as well as other preferred providers designated by the Company [and listed on the website]. In-Network Providers have agreed to accept a negotiated discount for services. This results in lower of out of-pocket costs.

Out-Of-Network Provider: Utilizing providers that are Out-of-Network is a more costly financial option for the Insured. The Company reimburses such providers up to a Reasonable and Customary amount as determined by the Company. The provider may bill the Insured the difference between the amounts reimbursed by the Company and the Provider’s billed charge. Additionally, you will pay a Coinsurance amount that is higher than if an In-Network Provider were used. Amounts in excess of the Reasonable and Customary charges will not count toward the Out-of-Pocket Maximum, Deductibles or Plan Co-payments.

First Health Network-Inside USA
GBG Network-Outside USA