Safe Travels USA Trip Protection

Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Trawick International | AM Best Rating: B++ | Underwriter: GBG Insurance Limited


Primary Benefits - We will pay Covered Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses up to the Maximum Benefit as outlined in the Schedule of Benefits and after each Insured satisfies any Deductible, without regard to any other Health Care Plan benefits payable for the Insured. We will pay these benefits without regard to any Coordination of Benefits provision in any other Health Care Plan.

Effective Date - An Eligible Person will be insured on the latest of the following dates:1. your departure from your Home Country or Country of Residence; or 2. the date and time your completed enrollment form and correct premium are received; or 3. the effective date requested and shown on the certificate.4. Trip cancellation benefits are effective the day after purchase.

Termination Date - 1. Your permanent return to your Home Country (unless you have started a Benefit Period); or 2. the termination date shown on the certificate for which premium has been paid; or 3. the date the maximum benefit has been paid.

Refund of Premium

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return your certificate within 10 days after plan payment. When so returned, the certificate is void from the beginning. Return the certificate to the Plan Administrator. If You do this, we will refund Your premium paid provided You have not filed a claim under the Policy and you have not left on your Covered Trip. If there is a claim in process or has been previously paid then Policy will be deemed as 100% non-refundable. After the 10-day “free- look” period, the payment for this plan is nonrefundable.