Secure STM

Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Independence Holding Company IHC | AM Best Rating: A-"Excellent" | Underwriter: Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York.



Secure STM is available to all members of Communicating for America, Inc. (CA) from age 18 to 64, their spouse age 18 to 64 and dependent children up to age 26. Each applicant must qualify based on the plan’s application questions and underwriting guidelines. Child-only coverage is available for children ages 2 to 17.

Effective date

Coverage can begin as early as the day following your online application submission. You may request a later effective date up to 60 days after the application date. All coverage is subject to approval and payment of the first premium.


You must notify the professional review organization 10 days prior to an elective or nonemergency hospital admission or surgery and 48 hours following an emergency admission to the hospital, or as soon as reasonably possible. Failure to precertify will result in a benefit reduction of 50 percent. Precertification is not a guarantee of benefits.

Continuing coverage

Although Secure STM is not renewable, if your need for temporary health insurance continues, California allows you to apply for another Secure STM plan. Your application is subject to eligibility and underwriting requirements. The next coverage period is not a continuation of the previous period; it is a new plan with a new deductible, coinsurance and pre-existing condition limitation.

Coverage termination

Coverage ends on the earlier of the date: the premium is not paid when due; you become eligible for Medicare; you enter full-time active duty in the armed forces; or fraud or misrepresentation has been made in filing a claim for benefits. A dependent’s coverage ends on the earlier of the date: your coverage terminates; the dependent become eligible for Medicare; or the dependent ceases to be eligible. Additional events or circumstances may cause coverage to terminate; refer to the Policy/Certificate of Insurance for complete details.