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Plan Administrator: Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Services Group | AM Best Rating: A "Excellent" | Underwriter: Lloyd's

Provider Network

U.S. Provider Network

HCCMIS maintains relationships with hospitals and doctors throughout the world. Many of your provider selection decisions will be based on geographical location and provider specialties. Outside of the US, please contact us or visit Client Zone if you need assistance locating a medical provider. Within the US, selecting a provider from one of the networks listed below may reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. You may search for participating providers by clicking on the logo below that corresponds to the one on your ID Card.
Domestic Provider Network
The CMN network is for major medical, foreign travel and other expatriate benefit plans offering service at Centers of Excellence with over 400,000 physicians. The CMN network offers nationwide coverage across the U.S. with concentrations in metropolitan and urban cities, traditional travel states, and many rural areas.
International Network
For your convenience, The CMN/EA International Provider Network spans approximately 200 countries and territories worldwide with over 2000 hospitals and clinics and over 6000 physicians. A listing of providers participating in our international network is located in Client Zone, which is easily accessible with your Certificate number and date of birth once coverage has been approved.
Medical Evacuation
HCC Medical Insurance Services arranges for medically necessary evacuations through various service providers throughout the world. Call (800) 605-2282 within the US, or call collect from outside the US at 317-262-2132 and indicate that you have a medical emergency.
USA Provider Network