The Bridge Plan

Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Petersen International Underwriters | AM Best Rating: A "Excellent" | Underwriter: Lloyd's

An Individual major medical plan for people awaiting Medicare eligibility.



Who Needs The Bridge Plan

Senior aged people desire coverage under the Social Security Medicare program. There are some people who, either by residency status or other reasons, may not be currently eligible for Medicare. All permanent residents and citizens of the United States are eligible for  Medicare at some point in time. There are three conditions for which h e Bridge Plan plan is used as a substitute.

Medicare Restriction #1:
Medicare will accept people who have been a permanent resident of the United States for at least i ve years.This does not require citizenship or any pre-payment into Social Security prior to eligibility. h e only requirement is that they must pay a monthly premium to have both Part A and Part B.
Petersen’s Solution #1:
The Bridge Plan is available to persons who have become permanent residents of the United States and who are within the five year waiting period for Medicare eligibility.
Medicare Restriction #2:
Some people may be eligible for Medicare due to age and qualifications, but have failed to enroll. Enrollment is not automatic. Social Security does not remind people to enroll. If they miss their enrollment period, they must wait to enroll at a later date. This may take as long as 18 months later!
Petersen’s Solution #2:
The Bridge Plan will cover them with benei ts similar to Medicare until the next enrollment opportunity.
Medicare Restriction #3:
Some people, for various reasons, have only Part A or Part B. h ey may be able to get the additional part through Medicare, but at a later date. 
Petersen’s Solution #3:
The Bridge Plan may be sold with both Part A and Part B, just Part A, or just Part B.
Underwriting Guidelines
Medical Underwriting:
  • Please allow approximately 7-10 days for Underwriters to process the applications.

Application Submission

  • Please submit the two page application along with the medical release form.
  • Underwriters will accept a faxed copy, a scanned email copy, or the original application for underwriting.
  • Please do NOT send premium with the application.

Policy Period

The Bridge Plan is a temporary plan and has a maximum policy period of 11 months.  At the end of the 11 months, the insured person will need to apply for a new term of insurance.

Additional Information
  • The deductible and coinsurance are on a per policy period basis.
  • The plan may include coverage for Part A, Part B or both.

Covered Expenses

Part A: These benefits include hospitalization, hospice facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and home healthcare services, based on medical necessity.

Part B: These benefits include the costs of Physicians and Surgeons on either an in-patient or out-patient basis, supplies, therapy and ambulance services, based on medical necessity.
Plan Highlights
  • Any Doctor and Any Hospital.
  • Benefits paid based on usual, customary and reasonable charges and not on diagnostic related groups. (DRG is what Medicare uses as it has a much lower fee schedule.)

Pre-Existing Conditions