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Plan Administrator: USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services | AM Best Rating: A+ "Superior" | Underwriter: Lloyds of London


Visit USA-HealthCare - a quality solution!

Visit USA-HealthCare is designed for foreign nationals while visiting the United States, and is available for as little as five days and up to 364 days. Our insurance provides quality levels of illness and accident expense protection.

Visit USA-HealthCare offers coverage for many emergencies that occur during your trip, including illness and injury, emergency medical evacuation, and emergency reunion. Visit USA-HealthCare also offers benefits and services for other travel situations that may arise, including stolen passports, loss of baggage and 24/7 assistance services.

With Visit USA-HealthCare insurance, the possibility of a large, unexpected medical expense or even being denied medical attention can be avoided.

Who is eligible for Visit USA-HealthCare?

Visit USA-HealthCare is available to Non-U.S. residents while visiting the U.S. Coverage is available for the main insured party and spouse; unmarried adult dependent children; or for children traveling alone.
This level of travel protection can be ideal for business and leisure travelers, international exchange students, tourists, holiday travelers, and church or missionary travelers.

Why do I need travel insurance to visit the U.S.?

Nationalized or government sponsored health plans rarely provide adequate medical coverage for injuries or illnesses which occur in the United States. Most travelers are unaware of how expensive medical care is in the United States. Not to mention, that U.S. medical facilities may not recognize insurance provided by a foreign insurance company and could deny services or demand up-front payment for treatment.

Why should I choose Visit USA-HealthCare?

Travel Insurance Services helps take the guesswork out of insurance for those traveling to the U.S. Visit USA-HealthCare is a plan designed specifically to meet the needs of international visitors. Visit USA-HealthCare is the program that travels with you and provides coverage wherever you may go. Whether you are looking for individual coverage or coverage for your entire family, Visit USA-HealthCare offers the coverage you need. The plan includes coverage for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, terrorism coverage, accidental death & dismemberment, and repatriation of remains.

Only Non-US Citizens who are at least 14 days of age and are traveling outside their home country, to the U.S., are eligible for coverage under this plan. Individuals age 70 to 79 as of the Certificate Effective Date are subject to a $50,000 Overall Maximum. Individuals age 80 and over as of the Certificate Effective Date are subject to a $10,000 Overall Maximum.
Certificate Effective Date - Insurance hereunder is effective on the later of:
Certificate Termination Date - Insurance hereunder terminates on the earlier of:
Benefit Period
While the Certificate is in effect, the Benefit Period does not apply. Upon termination of the Certificate, in accordance with item 3 of this provision, Underwriters will pay Eligible Medical Expenses, as defined
herein, for up to 90 days beginning on the first day of diagnosis or treatment of a covered Injury or Illness while the Member is outside his or her Home Country and while the Certificate was in effect. The Benefit Period applies only to Eligible Medical Expenses related to the Injury or Illness that began while the Certificate was in effect.
Home Country Coverage
Benefit Period – In the event a Member begins a Benefit Period while the Certificate is in effect, and the Certificate terminates in accordance with item 3c of this provision (the Member returns to his/her Home Country), Underwriters will pay Eligible Medical Expenses , as defined herein, which are incurred in the Member’s Home Country during the Benefit Period. Home Country Coverage applies only to Eligible Medical Expenses related to the Injury or Illness that began while the Certificate was in effect.
Incidental Home Country Coverage
For Non-U.S. Citizens, for every three month period during which the Member is covered hereunder, Medical Expenses incurred in the member’s home country are covered up to a maximum of 30 days for any three month period. Any benef it accrued under a single 3 month period does not accumulate to another period. Failure of the member to continue his or her international trip or the members return to their home country for the sole purpose of obtaining treatment for an illness or injur y that began while traveling shall void any home country coverage provided under the terms of this agreement.