Diplomat Long Term - Including USA
Diplomat Long Term - Including USA

Plan Detail

Plan Administrator: Global Underwriters | C&F Cayman SPC for and on behalf of ITI SP

  • Eligibility: Non US citizen age 0-99 traveling to USA and traveling outside their home country.
  • Coverage Length: Min 3 months up to max 36 months.
  • Renew Online: Policy can be renewed up to maximum of 364 days, also Renewable fees $10 applies.
  • Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition: Under Age 65 :- Up to $20,000; Age (65 to 99):-Up to $2,500.
  • Co-Insurance: After the Deductible, the Plan will pay 80% of the next $5,000 of Eligible Medical Expenses.
  • PPO Network: No PPO Network, visit any doctor/Hospital.
  • ID Card & Visa Letter comes in email instantly.