Policy Correction
Policy Correction

If you need  assistance for:

- Name correction
- Address correction
- Date of Birth correction
- Passport number correction
- Email address correction
- Phone number correction
Please send a request (email or fax) to Insurance company along with your certificate number and the type of correction needed.
If you need assistance for:
- Policy maximum change
- Deductible change
- Changing from fixed coverage to comprehensive coverage or vice versa.
Please send a request (email or fax) to Insurance company along with your certificate number and the type of change you need.
Send a copy of your email to us at contact@multichoiceinsurance.com. Click to view Sample Email Temlate
Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Services Group
Atlas America

Email: orders@hccmis.com

Fax: 317-262-2140

Atlas International
Visitor Secure
Student Secure Select - Including USA
Student Secure Select - Excluding USA
Student Secure Budget - Including USA
Student Secure Budget - Excluding USA
Seven Corners
Inbound USA

Email: policy@sevencorners.com

Fax: 317-575-2659

Inbound Guest
Inbound Immigrant
Liaison Continent Plan A
Liaison Continent Plan B
Liaison Continent Plan E
Liaison Continent Plan F
Liaison Majestic - Including USA
Liaison Majestic - Excluding USA
Liaison International
Liaison International Option 1
Liaison International Option 2
Liaison Worldwide - Including USA
Liaison Worldwide - Excluding USA
Liaison Student
International Medical Group (IMG)
Visitors Care

For any changes in policy benefits

Email: info@imglobal.com

For any corrections in the policy

Email: chs.service@imglobal.com

Fax: 317-655-4505

Patriot America
Patriot Platinum America
Patriot GoTravel America
Patriot International
Patriot Platinum International
Patriot GoTravel International
Patriot Green America
Patriot Green International
Patriot Exchange Program
Visitor Medical Protection Plan A
Visitor Medical Protection Plan B
Student Health Advantage - Including USA
Student Health Advantage - Excluding USA
USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services
Visit USA

Email: vusa@travelinsure.com

Fax: 610-537-9825

Inter Medical

Email: imed@travelinsure.com

Fax: 610-537-9818

WorldMed - Including USA

Email: worldmed@travelinsure.com

Fax: 610-537-9831

WorldMed - Excluding USA
Study USA HealthCare

Email: susa@travelinsure.com

Fax: 610-537-9818

Study USA HealthCare Preferred
Azimuth Risk Solutions
Beacon America

Email: service@azimuthrisk.com

Fax: 317-423-9620

Beacon International
Trawick International
Safe Travels USA

Email: info@trawickinternational.com

Fax: 251-661-0924

Safe Travels International
Petersen International
International Major Medical

Email: piu@piu.org

Fax: 661-254-0604

Online Major Medical
Global Underwriters
Diplomat America

Email: diplomat@globalunderwriters.com

Fax: 513-533-9416

Diplomat International
Diplomat Long Term - Including USA
Diplomat Long Term - Excluding USA
iTravelInsured, Inc
iTravelInsured Travel GT

Email: service@itravelinsured.com

iTravelInsured Travel Lite
iTravelInsured Travel LX
iTravelInsured Travel SE

Associated Insurance Companies

Associated Insurance Companies