Policy Correction
Policy Correction

If you need  assistance for:

- Name correction
- Address correction
- Date of Birth correction
- Passport number correction
- Email address correction
- Phone number correction
Please send a request (email or fax) to Insurance company along with your certificate number and the type of correction needed.
If you need assistance for:
- Policy maximum change
- Deductible change
- Changing from fixed coverage to comprehensive coverage or vice versa.
Please send a request (email or fax) to Insurance company along with your certificate number and the type of change you need.
Send a copy of your email to us at info@VisitorPLANS.com. Click to view Sample Email Temlate
Atlas America

Email: Orders@worldtrips.com

Fax: 317-262-2140

Atlas International
Atlas Essential
Atlas Essential International
Atlas Premium
Atlas Premium International
Student Secure Select - Including USA
Student Secure Select - Excluding USA
Student Secure Budget - Including USA
Student Secure Budget - Excluding USA
International Medical Group (IMG)
Visitors Care

For any changes in policy benefits

Email: info@imglobal.com

For any corrections in the policy

Email: chs.service@imglobal.com

Fax: 317-655-4505

Patriot America
Patriot America Plus
Patriot Platinum America
Patriot GoTravel America
Patriot International
Patriot Platinum International
Patriot GoTravel International
Patriot Exchange Program
Student Health Advantage - Including USA
Student Health Advantage - Excluding USA
USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services
Visit USA HealthCare - Budget

Email: vusa@travelinsure.com

Fax: 610-537-9825

Visit USA HealthCare - Standard
Visit USA HealthCare - Superior
Inter Medical

Email: imed@travelinsure.com

Fax: 610-537-9818

WorldMed - Including USA

Email: worldmed@travelinsure.com

Fax: 610-537-9831

WorldMed - Excluding USA
Study USA HealthCare

Email: susa@travelinsure.com

Fax: 610-537-9818

Study USA HealthCare Preferred
Azimuth Risk Solutions
Beacon America

Email: service@azimuthrisk.com

Fax: 317-423-9620

Beacon International
Trawick International
Safe Travels Elite

Email: info@trawickinternational.com

Fax: 251-661-0924

Safe Travels USA Cost Saver
Safe Travels for Visitors to the USA
Safe Travels International
Safe Travels International Cost Saver
Safe Travels Outbound
Safe Travels Outbound Cost saver
Safe Travels USA
Safe Travels USA Comprehensive
Global Underwriters
Diplomat America

Email: diplomat@globalunderwriters.com

Fax: 513-533-9416

Diplomat International
Diplomat Long Term - Including USA
Diplomat Long Term - Excluding USA
iTravelInsured, Inc
iTravelInsured Travel GT

Email: service@itravelinsured.com

iTravelInsured Travel Lite
iTravelInsured Travel LX
iTravelInsured Travel SE
INF Healthcare
INF Advantage

Email: support@infplans.com

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INF Select Care
INF Short Term Elite
INF Short Term Premier
INF Standard
INF Traveler USA