Safety Tips for Adventure Travelers
Safety Tips for Adventure Travelers
Safety Tips for Adventure Travelers

There are some travelers who seek peace and relaxation on their trips but there are some who are in search of adrenalin rush. These adventure seeking travelers may not be interested in world famous landmarks or historical sites or interesting amusement parks, but they love to engage in physical activities. These activities require daring and courage. Therefore, the preparation of such trip is a lot of work and requires attention to detail and diligence. This preparation would make their trip memorable and fun. Here are some of the great tips for adventure-seeking travelers:

1. Health

  • Pre-travel health examination- Prior to traveling, travelers must consult his physician as well as travel doctor. This exam is to make sure that the person is fit to undertake the adventure he is planning for. The doctor also gives them advice on how to prepare the body and mind for adventure travel as well he may prescribe medicines to treat certain conditions body might be suffering from. The travel doctor also prescribes medicines has the necessary for health conditions/injuries/illnesses that may occur during the travel.
  • Vaccination- Before any international trip or prior to going to countries where there is a possibility of getting sick with a chronic disease or sickness, vaccination is recommended. Travel vaccinations are administered by a travel doctor based on the country traveler is planning to visit as well as his health & vaccination history. Travel health specialist must be visited at least 4-6 weeks in advance to be able to get all the necessary vaccinations and see if there is some side effect to the body due to them.
  • Physical preparation- Adventure travel and sports need a fit body and mind. This fitness comes with preparation. No one can climb the world’s steep and high mountains without cardiovascular fitness and training. The strength of body and mind comes gradually with regular practice and needed exercises/diet/nutrition. A traveler must see to it and start preparing for his adventure trip, well in advance.

2. Research

  • Gather general information- Before taking the trip, it is very much advised to collect as much information as possible. Travel websites, state tourism websites, tour operators, social media groups and travel forums are some of the sources that can be used to gather required information about your planned adventure travel. Weather conditions and reports must be studied to see what weather is predicted at the time of year you are planning to travel.
  • About Tour Operators- Research about tour operators and guides who are going to help you undertake your travel. Make sure they are licensed and have proper certifications. Ensure that the gear and equipments they lend are duly serviced and not too old to be declared unsafe. Do your research thoroughly and make these decisions carefully.

3. Packing

  • Safety Gear- Make sure you pack all the needed safety gear. These may be helmets, bodysuits, appropriate footwear, goggles for snow & Sun etc.
  • Packing Light- Colin Haley, who specializes in climbing the world’s largest and steepest mountain faces, says, "Every item I bring is something I feel is either important to succeeding or important to staying alive. An item that makes me more comfortable, but isn’t critical to success or survival, is left behind,”. Smart packing is not the only need, you have to pack light. Pack efficiently, and be prepared for rain/snow/sun. Go back to your pre-trip data and make a checklist as to what is absolutely essential for the trip.
  • First-Aid kit & Medications: Adventure travel means increased probability of injuries and sickness. First-Aid kit is a bare necessity on remote places, difficult terrains, extreme weather. Also, do not forget to pack sufficient amount of medications. If you suffer from allergies, weather conditions, altitude, body fatigue, physical stress can aggravate these allergies, so be prepared. Carry your medicines as well as prescriptions from your physician and travel health specialist. 
  • Maps: If the travel includes running/hiking trails, maps are must. A traveler must be able to read and completely understand maps, symbols and legends. You can also highlight the trail you would be taking. Keep your map safely, dry and clean. You never know, how it can save you from getting lost.

4. Insurance

  • Adventure trip absolutely needs insurance umbrella. Travel health insurance or visitor insurance is not at all debatable. It is a must have. On top of regular visitor insurance plans, adventure travelers must purchase relevant optional riders. These offer better coverage against extreme physical activities where the possibility of injuries is very high. Visitor insurance and optional riders can be purchased from an experienced and authorized insurance provider like MCIS. Their agents are trained and readily available to answer all your queries and specific questions about your need for coverage during your adventure travel. They let you compare several plans and provide you with quotes. MCIS helps you at every step of insurance buying process.

Travelers who are seeking that thrill during their journeys and travel, must realize that no matter how much they plan and prepare, sometimes it does not go as wanted. They should be agile, flexible and prepared for the unexpected. The biggest tip for adventure travelers is to keep their calm and keep going!

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