Things to Remember After Purchase of Visitor Insurance
Things to Remember After Purchase of Visitor Insurance

Things to remember after purchase of Visitor Insurance

Medical costs in foreign countries like USA is quite high and in case of an unexpected medical emergency, a visitor would have to face mental trauma from high costs too. This is where visitor insurance brings relief.  A visitor must purchase visitor insurance plan based on his needs. A plan that perfectly suits his medical and other travel related needs would cover him adequately during his trip. He or she must be well aware of important factors that go in purchase of the right visitor insurance plan. But there are some important things to remember after the purchase of visitor insurance plan. Refer them here:

1. Be well versed with the master policy: Of course you know what does the insurance policy offers in terms of coverage but it is very important to understand it fully in order to avoid any last minute surprises. We recommend visitors to read the master policy document (please contact your insurance agent for a copy of your plan’s master policy).  Do not forget to read the fine print and be well-versed about what are the inclusions and exclusions of your plan.

2. Carry insurance ID card:  Virtual insurance ID cards are made available on the insured’s email within minutes after his purchase. If requested, insurance ID cards also comes in mail on the insured’s mailing address. The insurance ID card has policy number and contact details of your insurance company (such as phone number and address of insurance company which can be used for submitting claims) which may be needed in case of a medical emergency.

3. Check Provider Network: It is advisable to know in advance about the provider network at the destination country. It is useful and handy to know which doctors and hospitals accept visitor’s insurance so that at the time of need time can be saved and quick medical attention can be received.

4. Keep Emergency Number handy: National Emergency number of destination country as well as the layover country should always be kept handy so that they need not be searched when needed.

5. Keep your calendar upto date: In order that the Insurance plan stays active, it should be renewed before its expiration date. For this, it is very useful to put a reminder notifications in your smartphone calendar or wherever you check your calendar.

6. Know your cancellation policy: Cancellation of an insurance plan is possible anytime as long as no claim has been submitted by the insured, hospital or any party involved with visitor and medical services availed by him. A refund is only possible when no claim has been made by the insured.

7. Plans are not convertible: A fixed coverage plan can not be converted into a comprehensive coverage plan. Any current plan can be cancelled according to the terms and conditions, and a new plan can be purchased. Visitor insurance plans can not be exchanged which means cancelling one plan and purchasing in lieu of that one is not possible.

8. Be aware of Claim Submission process: Visitor insurance claim submission process is different than submission of general health care claims. You should understand this procedure in advance and also be aware of certain conditions like Precertification.

Keeping these points in mind will make it easy for a visitor to be able to deal with visitor insurance related events, be it contacting someone in the provider network or submitting a claim after availing a medical service. In case you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the authorized and experience insurance personnel at MCIS.

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July 03, 2016 at 11:33 PM

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