Visitors Medical Insurance Coverage | MCIS Medical Insurance Service
Types of Coverage

There are two types of coverages in Visitor Insurance:

  1. Fixed Coverage
  2. Comprehensive Coverage


This coverage is also known as limited or scheduled coverage. This coverage is cheaper than comprehensive coverage plans. When you purchase a fixed coverage plan, you have the option to choose a deductible and policy maximum.  The deductible is entirely the clients’ responsibility to pay.  After deductible, plan pays a fixed dollar amount for each kind of medical procedure.  Such as for doctor visit, plan pays $55 per doctor visit. An average doctor visit cost about $150 per visit. For Hospital room and board plan pay $1400 per day. An average hospital room and board cost about $3000 to $4000 per day. For surgical treatment plan will pay $3,300 per surgical session. A minor surgery in American starts from $15,000 to $20,000. This plan has a pre-defined dollar amount limit chart for hospital room and board, prescription drug, outpatient treatment, x-ray, lab tests, surgery, etc.  So the plan will pay according to the pre-defined dollar amount chart and remaining balance will be insured’s responsibility.  This plan is one of the cheapest plans in the US because insurance company is buying only a limited amount of risk in there. Generally we do not recommend this plan because if something major happens then majority of the financial responsibility falls on your shoulder as a remaining balance.

This coverage is better than fixed coverage plans.  In comprehensive coverage you have option to choose deductible and policy maximum. Deductible is insured’s responsibility to pay.  After deductible, these plans have 80/20 co-insurance for the next $5000. After $5000, plan pay 100% up to policy maximum.  Some of the plans provide incentives when you go within the PPO network.  Such as one of the plan is Patriot America.  This plan will reduce your co-insurance from 20% to 10% of that $5000 in co-insurance so that means plan will pay 90% of that $5000 and after $5000 the plan is paying 100% up to policy maximum. There’s are two other plans, Atlas America & Beacon America, these two plans will completely waive the 20% co-insurance of that $5000 so after the deductible, plan will pay 100% up to policy maximum for all covered medical expenses.  Atlas America, Liaison Continent and Patriot America are best comprehensive coverage plans for clients below 70 years, because these are only comprehensive coverage plan which cover acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions for insured below 70 years.  Acute onset means if the client has any kind of pre existing condition, as long as it is under control, if a sudden outbreak occurs and client needs treatment within 24 hours then this plan will cover to stabilize the medical condition. Atlas Series will cover it up to $100,000 for clients below 70 years Liaison Continent plan will cover it up to $150,000 depends upon the policy maximum for clients below 70 years. Patriot America will cover up to $50,000 for clients below 70 years. Beacon series will cover up to $15,000 for client below 80 years. Remember, this is only to stabilize the condition, not for the full treatment.