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Visiting Parents Travel insurance

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It’s an exciting time to visit family staying abroad but the planning that goes into this may be time consuming and often brings lot of questions. Once the ticket reservations are done, the next big step is purchasing the right visitor insurance plan. International travel may be difficult for parents owing to their health, difficulty in adopting or adjusting to the food and weather conditions. Undesirable health conditions cannot be predicted, the best that can be done is to proactively safeguarding the visitor parents as well as their families in the host country.

Frequently asked questions about visitors health insurance

Having the right visitors health insurance helps in traveling with peace of mind as well as making the stay of parents in the US, worry and stress-free. But owing to the lack of right information, this purchase can turn out to be a bad one. These are some of the common and frequently asked questions about the visitors health insurance:

  1. India Vs USA: Travel agents in India suggest the visitors to buy the insurance plans from Indian insurance companies, rather than from agents based in the United States. It is always a wise decision to purchase the insurance from an insurance agent based in the United States because of the ease that follows. In case an undesirable medical condition arises, doctors and the network accepting a US-based insurance both are readily available in the United States. Also, the claim handling process becomes faster.
  2. What kind of plan: Whether a Fixed Coverage plan is beneficial or a Comprehensive Coverage plan should be purchased is a confusing question for many prospective travelers because they are not aware of the details about the different types of plans. Comprehensive Coverage Plan is advisable because it has broader coverage plus it offers higher coverage limit as compared to a Fixed Coverage Plan.
  3. Coverage of acute onset of pre-existing conditions: Few plans cover the acute onset of pre-existing conditions like diabetes, asthma, heart-related ailments etc.. This can be a requirement for certain travelers, therefore a plan offering coverage for them must be preferred.
  4. Family Vs. Individual plan for parents: Often the family in the host country comes across the question whether separate policies or one plan should be purchased for both the parents traveling together. It is advisable to buy separate policies for both the parents because in case changes are required for one parent, it can be done hassle-free.

How to select best visitors health insurance plan?

Whether a plan is the best visitors health insurance plan for parents visiting United States, depends on their age, health condition as well as the budget constraints. These factors are dominant in selecting the right plan for them.

  • Higher coverage (higher policy maximum) is always better.  Mostly, a coverage of $500,000 is preferred. Based on the age group (70 or less, 70 or above, 80 and above etc.) there are different plans and policy maxim It’s best to discuss these details with an authorized insurance agent.
  • It should be noted that higher premiums do not necessarily mean higher facilities/coverage. All this should be discussed in length with a friendly accessible insurance agent.
  • For financial flexibility, some plans provide additional provisions for trip delays and cancellations options.
  • In case, the travel plans may change, the purchased visitors health insurance plan should be renewable.
  • The plans should be purchased keeping in mind the trip duration, destination, what activities would the parents be undertaking (for example, may be a trip involving extra physical work-up or just staying at home).

MCIS, with you every step of the way

Feel free to contact MultiChoice Insurance Services (MCIS) in case you need to compare visitor insurance plans offered by Indian insurance companies versus the visitors insurance plans offered by authorized agents like MCIS. We also offer guidance and advice regarding the premiums, best coverage plans, acute onset of pre-existing conditions etc. We are available here, 7 days a week with plans to make travel of your loved ones safe and trouble-free. Contact us via email/phone today!

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