Busting the Myth: Buying Travel Insurance is Useless, Complex and Expensive
Busting the Myth: Buying Travel Insurance is useless, complex and expensive!
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In our first blog post Why visitor insurance we have highlighted the necessity for visitor insurance or travel insurance.  It is a well-known fact that visitor medical insurance, be it for self or medical insurance for parents or for relatives, it is always helpful. But at the same time, it is noticed that there is quite a hullabaloo around the purchase of visitor insurance.  There is a fear, an implicit discomfort related to this buying process.  Through this blog post, we, MCIS being one of the largest travel insurance broker in the United States, would like to clarify these common and prevalent doubts or myths about visitor insurance.  We believe that as great is the need for visitor insurance, the simpler and easy should be the process of acquiring it.

A common person intending to travel to the United States (or any foreign country from India or any place else) generally has the following misconceptions about visitor insurance and insurance companies:

1) I am completely healthy and don’t need visitor insurance

2) Visitor insurance is only health-related

3) Claims will not be paid out

4) No body picks up the phone

5) ‘They’ won’t make changes to my plan

6) Cancellation is not an option

7) I need to pay from my wallet

8) Claim-process is time-consuming and dirty

9) Pre-existing conditions are not covered

Don’t these statements/phrases sound familiar? We are sure you might have heard these or even thought like this when you are starting to become a visitor i.e., to travel abroad. So, why to be late, come on, let’s bust these myths and be more informed about visitor insurance and the process that goes around insurance brokers/companies.

I am completely healthy and don’t need visitor insurance!


I am healthy, 100 percent. I have not fallen sick in the last ‘n’ years, didn’t even catch cold or had slightest temperature. Why, do I need a visitor health insurance? No, definitely, it’s not for me!!!

The Fact:

You never even had common cold or haven’t been sick in the last 10 years, this fact still doesn’t guarantee you will never have it. People have this faith that they are perfectly healthy because they have not encountered any major illness or unpleasant physical condition. But life is a risk every step, every second. It is uncommon but possible that the flight a visitor takes meets an untoward crash or situation. This could bring physical as well as mental harm to any perfectly healthy visitor and result into high unexpected treatment costs in foreign land, adding to the mental trauma.  What  if, a visitor bends his leg or triples down on the road while normal walking, or he comes landing down the stairs….he could meet simple to complex injuries which haven’t been anticipated.  All such simple to complex scenarios need a guarantee that the person would be taken care of in the best possible way, and he would be free from the responsibility of managing the costs all by himself.  Travel insurance does this for him. So, it’s a must accessory for all visitors, regardless of their current health condition, age, sex and medical history.

Visitor insurance is only health-related!Myth:I have purchased a travel health insurance but I am worried about the other losses which may occur while I am traveling or when I am in the foreign land. My visitor insurance takes care of only my physical health!The Fact:Theft of important travel documents like passports or loss of luggage etc. can result into panic and anxiety causing mental health to go astray. Moreover, they can result into loss of money, energy and effort to get new ones. Travel insurance takes into account all these factors and also provides for reimbursement for these losses. Visitor insurance is just not about physical health but also about making the entire journey and stay peaceful, devoid of any mental discomfort.
Claims will not be paid out!Myth:Perspective travel insurance buyers are often doubtful whether in case of medical expenses their claims will not be paid out by insurance companies.  They are of the thought that once their money is gone out of their pocket, it is not going to return.The Fact:Insurance companies rely on experts and doctor’s reports in case they are dubious if a claim is payable or not. They themselves want to make sure that they do not end up having a lawsuit filed against them in case a claim request is not properly or correctly handled. Therefore, the common perception that insurance companies do not pay out claims is inaccurate.
No body picks up the phone!Myth:“If I have a medical emergency, I am not sure if the insurance company representatives would pick my phone promptly and would be of any assistance”, are the statements we can hear often from an insurance holder.The Fact:Insurance agents like MultiChoice Insurance Services (MCIS) offer 24/7 services in case of medical emergencies. This is no computerized service, but it’s the needed human-assistance available in the hour of need. Most of the insurance companies handle claim-processing during business hours. The prevalent myth about non-assistance or busy phone lines is baseless.
‘They’ won’t make changes/correction to my plan!Myth:Insurance companies are not flexible once I am their customer i.e. an insurance holder. They do not allow for changes/correction in the purchased plan.The Fact:Buyers often assume that once they have purchased an insurance policy, they cannot make any changes/corrections and they are stuck. However, this is not entirely true. Depending upon certain factors like the type of plan, date of purchase, type of coverage etc., changes or correction is permissible.
Cancellation is not an option!Myth:Once purchased, a policy cannot be cancelled and the buyer loses all his money.The Fact:Most of the US insurance companies, allows for cancellation of a purchased plan. If after the purchase, any claim is not submitted the insurance companies pro-rates the amount and allows for the requested cancellation. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase visitor insurance from US based insurance company when traveling to the United States.
I need to pay from my wallet!Myth:On top of the premium for the purchased insurance, in case of any medical treatment/emergency, I am required to pay out of my wallet. Later, I have to file claims to the insurance company for getting this money back.The Fact:Visitors/insurance holders/perspective travel insurance holders have this common understanding that in case medical help is required, they need to pay to the doctor or the healthcare organization (hospital etc.) directly from their pocket and then later on, they need to deal with the insurance companies for reimbursements. However, this is not the truth. Insurance companies have tie-ups with medical care givers (doctors/hospitals etc.) and these fall under the PPO network. In case a visitor uses medical aid, he is only required to pay the deductible and co-pay amount (a very minimum amount) and rest all the bills/invoices/expenses are taken care by the insurance company (most of the times, depending on his coverage type). This is easy and convenient from a visitor’s standpoint.
Claim-process is time-consuming!Myth:Requesting reimbursements is complex, time consuming and dirty process with no guarantee of having the money back.The Fact:In case a visitor has to submit claims to any insurance company, if all the necessary documents are given by him on time, normally the claims process is taken care of within 30 days.  It is not complex but in absence of submission of required documents/doctors or labs reports (as per the case be) etc. it can be time consuming. 

Pre-Existing conditions are not covered!


Pre-existing conditions are the medical conditions that exist prior to the purchase of any insurance plan, and generally these ailments do not occur overnight. Conditions like allergies, diabetes, asthma, blood pressure etc. are not covered, is a common myth.

The Fact:

The most prevalent misunderstanding about the travel/visitor insurance is that pre-existing conditions are not taken care of, and the visitor ends up paying high amounts on his own owing to these conditions. This is not the reality. Insurance companies offer variety of plans depending on the coverage asked by the prospective traveler. This choice can depend on his age, medical condition and history, etc. There are insurance plans that cover pre-existing conditions adequately. For more information on this, MCIS agents can be contacted via email/call/personal visit. Click here to obtain these contact details.

MCIS Multichoice Insurance Services is your friendly travel insurance provider. We, at MCIS also shoulder the responsibility to well inform our existing and prospective clients (insurance holders) so that they can make educated, timely and quick decisions. This post intended to bust the myths around the fact that buying travel insurance is not needed, and if at all it is purchased, the process is complex and expensive. We fervently hope that after bringing to light the corresponding facts to these myths, we are helping our readers and clients to become knowledgeable enough to be able to make the right decisions regarding their travel insurance needs.

Happy travelling with travel insurance!

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July 13, 2013 at 03:02 PM

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