Visitors Insurance for Parents from India
Visitors Insurance for Parents from India

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When your parents visit the United States from India, often you are more worried about the exorbitant healthcare costs in the U.S. than they. However, you can purchase visitors insurance either from India or the U.S. to cover unforeseen accidents or illness during their stay in the United States. Before investing in a policy for visitors insurance for parents from India, it is important to understand a few fundamental issues.

Should I Purchase Visitors Insurance if My Parents are Healthy?

Visitors insurance is meant to cover any unanticipated, unexpected and new medical conditions, injuries or occurrences that happen after the date the policy goes into effect. Itis not intended to provide coverage for ongoing or existing problems. If your parents are healthy now, that does not mean that they will remain healthy, particularly while they are visiting you in the U.S. In addition, disasters or mishaps can strike at any time. Most elderly parents in India do not understand the concept of health insurance or the high costs associated with healthcare in the United States. If something unfortunate were to happen during their visit without visitor insurance, you would have to take on the financial burden. It is to everyone’s advantage to purchase visitors health insurance.

What are the Benefits?

There are multiple benefits of visitor insurance for parents visiting the U.S. from India. The most obvious reasons include peace of mind knowing that your parents are covered regardless of what happens to them during their visit. Obtaining a policy is a straightforward process and can be done in India or the U.S. either online or from an agent. Some benefits include:

Receive an instant ID card
Available for all age groups
No physical exam required to purchase
No paperwork required
No waiting period
Fixed or Comprehensive Coverage Plans Options
How Do I Apply?

To obtain information about visitors insurance for parents from India, make sure to take their general health into consideration. For instance, if they are more susceptible to illness or injury, you should consider purchasing a higher policy plan. In addition, determine the length of their stay. The longer they remain in the U.S., the more likely their chances are of becoming sick or injured. Also, define the activities they will participate in during their visit. If they stay indoors without traveling much, you can select a limited coverage plan. If they plan to engage in a variety of activities during their visit, you should consider a comprehensive coverage policy. Make MCIS your first choice for visitors insurance. Click here to explore our site and request quotes comparing visitor insurance plans today.

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March 21, 2015 at 11:46 PM

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