What Things Consider Before Traveling to USA
What to do before traveling so that you travel stress-free?

What to do before traveling so that you travel stress-free-image

Planning makes travel better! Booking air tickets to your favorite holiday destination or preparing to travel to USA or any faraway land to meet your family and friends is always exciting. We all look forward to a safe flight, enjoyable days and happy vacation. This all is possible along with peace of mind, if we take care of certain things.

What to do before traveling so that you travel stress-free?

We give here the most important tips to consider before your travel so that you travel stress-free. A little effort on the following areas/things would make you in control of your travel.

  • Review Travel Documents: At least 2 days before your intended day of travel, make sure to review your travel documents. Passport is the most important identification document, so it must be the first document to be taken care of. It is recommended to check whether the country of travel needs passport validity of certain months. So, do check if your passport is valid for minimum those number of months in order to avoid any issues at the airport. Among other important travel documents are tickets and travel medical insurance. All these documents must be kept at one place, safe and handy.
  • Make a travel checklist: A travel checklist is a list of all things you need to do and to keep before your travel. It may include simple tasks like packing toothbrushes/medicines or to buy visitor insurance well in advance. This is a list of tasks that can be checked off once you perform them. This is a list of things you may need to pack. Just keep putting items in the list so that you don’t forget anything important and once you do them, cross them off.
  • Be mindful of the permissible baggage weight: Before starting to pack, make sure to know what is the allowed baggage limit, both for the check-in as well as hand luggage. Knowing this beforehand will help you arrange your suitcase better as well as save you from an unwanted situation at the airport regarding overloaded suitcases.
  • Know what are prohibited items: Just as necessary it is to know the permissible luggage weight, it is very important to be aware of things which are not permitted to carry. Do not forget to check the airline website for these details. Just because of ignorance, you don’t want to get stuck at the airport answering the authorities because you were carrying prohibited items. It is always better to be aware of such restrictions and rules.
  • Check for any airline delays: So, you are all set with your bags packed, travel documents carefully kept and the taxi is about to be at your doorstep. You reach the airport and come to know of a delay of certain hours. How disappointing! You may think of all the extra work you might have got done at home/office but now you are stuck at the airport with nothing to do except wait. What if you have little kids with you? It just gets so much more difficult to keep them entertained and calm while waiting to get into that plane. To avoid all this, make sure to check for any airline delays before you step out of house. This can be checked on the airline website or just call the airport.
  • List it all: Make a list of all things, which, have been packed. Check the baggage at the destination to see if things have not gone missing or they aren’t damaged, especially valuable items like jewelry, frames, paintings, sports equipment etc. If something goes missing or is damaged, inform the airline company. In case of missing things, your list would come very handy and useful.
  • Have you bought visitor insurance?: The thought of falling sick on a trip itself is sickening. Facing any unforeseen medical emergency therefore can be devastating both physically as well as mentally as medical care costs can be very high in foreign countries like USA. Purchasing visitor insurance minimizes the financial risks associated with any such medical emergency during travel as well as the trip duration. So, it is highly recommended to buy visitor insurance before you travel, and this must be purchased at least 5 days before the travel date.
  • Are you aware of weather warnings/changes: To pack your luggage accordingly or to make last minute changes to your travel itinerary, be aware of any weather changes or warnings enroute or at your final destination. This would make you plan better.

By following these simple yet useful tips, you can be rest assured of a organized travel preparation. This would start your trip peacefully as well as avoid any unwanted stressful travel situation at airport or the final destination. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need any help in purchasing visitor insurance, which may give you a safety net for financial as well as medical emergency when you travel internationally.

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June 17, 2015 at 08:02 PM

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