Why Business Travelers Need Visitors Insurance
Why Business Travelers Need Visitors Insurance
Why Business Travelers Need Visitors Insurance. Is it mandatory ?

Visitor insurance is important for business trip and personal trip. For business visitors, the insurance provides medical and trip protection. Coverage varies depending on whether a US citizen or resident is flying out of US or if a foreign visitor is traveling to US for business. By purchasing visitor insurance, a business executive can focus on work and protect himself from unforeseen medical circumstances. In case of an undesirable event, it saves companies and executives from paying huge amount of money in healthcare.

General benefits to business visitors

1. Coverage for new sickness or injury or illness.

2. Emergency evacuation coverage on basis of medical grounds.

3. Trip related coverage including trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage theft or loss of baggage/personal effects.

US Citizen and US Resident Business Visitor

For executives traveling overseas for business, maximum benefit differs as per the age group a business visitor belongs to- age 0-69, 70-74, 75-79 or 80+. General benefits are given below-

1. Medical Expenses: Unwanted medical events can occur to anyone and anytime. Business executives often travel to different countries, exposing themselves to change in weather, environment, familiar food, water and altitude. This could cause sickness. Accidents and injury is also a possibility. Therefore, visitor insurance plans offering medical benefits is must. The coverage generally includes hospital expenses, intensive care, outpatient services, physician services, ambulance services, prescription drugs and emergency treatment for the relief of pain to sound natural teeth.

2. Lost Checked-in Luggage: Business travel often includes equipments like tablets, laptops, smartphones. Therefore if the checked-in luggage is lost or stolen, it is an additional expense on the company hence visitor insurance is a must in order to receive reimbursement for, upto a certain extent depending on the plan. Personal belongings are also reimbursed if lost.

3. Trip cancellation benefit: Some plans offer trip cancellation benefit to US citizens traveling outside US for work. 

4. Medical Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains: Many visitor insurance plans will pay covered expenses incurred if any covered injury or illness commenced during the period of coverage that results in the medically necessary Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation.

5. Accidental Death & Dismemberment: Reimbursement in event of death or loss of limbs and eyesight if they occur within 90 days or 181 days of the accident.

6. Emergency Medical Reunion Coverage: When Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation is ordered and the attending physician recommends that a family member travel with the insured patient, the visitor insurance plan may arrange and pay, up to $50,000 (depending on the type of plan), for a round trip economy-class transportation for one individual of the insured’s choice, from his home country, to be at his side while he is hospitalized.

7. Incidental Trips to the insured business visitor home country: This benefit covers the insured executive for incidental trips to his home country (30 days per one hundred and eighty-seven (187) days of purchased coverage or pro rata thereof - example: approximately 5 days per month of purchased coverage). Maximum benefit is reduced to $50,000 for any illness or injury occurring while on an incidental trip to his home country.

8. Unexpected Recurrence of a Pre-existing Conditions: Some visitor insurance plans pay up to $20,000 (Age seventy (70) and older, up to $5,000) subject to the chosen deductible and coinsurance, for covered expenses resulting from a sudden, unexpected recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition for U.S. citizens while traveling outside the United States. This benefit does not include coverage for known, scheduled, required, or expected medical care, drugs or treatments existent or necessary prior to the effective date of coverage.

Non-US Citizen traveling to US for business

The general benefits listed above remain the same for a non-US citizen traveling to US for business. However, trip cancellation benefit is not available to them.

Visitor Insurance protects businesses from financial risk when their employees travel out of country. Employees avail medical and trip benefits both, letting them focus on their work and provide a stress-free trip. To learn more about plans well suited for yourself as well as for your employees, contact MCIS today.

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